Thursday, 9 August 2012

August Empties!

I am calling this August Empties not because I finished these in August, but just because it sounds nice and technically it is August now. Where has this year gone?! 
Anyway, here's a look at some products I've finished probably over the past two months or more. You can click on the name of any of the products listed below to see pricing and more information about the various products. 
This was just a little sample that I got with an order. This stuff is incredible and incredibly expensive. I enjoyed it immensely but wouldn't spend the $72/100ml on it. This just happens to be one of the brands affiliated with Lust Have It! Would love to receive another freebie from this beautiful brand (and one day be able to buy their products with my endless supply of money).

This is a really lovely lotion, the kind of lotion that I look forward to putting on my face. If I need to calm down my face, this is a real treat. I say treat because Avene products are a tad on the pricey side, this is $24.99/40ml. I have repurchased this product because it is easy to get my hands on and I really love it, but I use it sparingly as I have cheaper lotions that I can use on a more regular basis.
This is a small size bottle that I received in the priceline skincare bag. I love this stuff and you can see a more in depth review by clicking here. I only regret finishing this bottle as its a great size for travel and I wish I'd saved it for some upcoming trips!

When I first started using this moisturiser I wasn't the biggest fan. It is quite rich and my oily/combination sensitive skin didn't love to have this rubbed in. What I did with this instead, was start using it as a hydration mask. I would use heaps on my face by applying a thick layer and letting it sit for a good 15 minutes. The areas of my face that were dehydrated would drink this lotion up, I would just rinse the excess lotion with tepid water. I would suggest this process to use with any lotion that is quite rich in its consistency but not rich in its price tag.

These did the job but were nothing special. I also got these as a freebie and used them up eventually but certainly didn't note anything that great about them. They caused a bit of sensitivity around my eyes and I wouldn't go out of my way to buy these.

I couldn't say enough amazing things about this product. This is by far one of the most effective skincare products I've ever used. I repurchased this before I ran out of this bottle and believe I will continue to repurchase this for years to come. I will do a more in depth review soon so watch this space for that! In the meantime, go buy this!

This is a very simple but effective cleanser. It is recommended by dermatologists, is easy to find and is at a great price point. I finished this and repurchased a bigger bottle afterward. I would suggest this to many people as it is very gentle on my sensitive skin.

 I love love love using this product, the smell, the results and the ease of use. I have kept this in my haircare drawer for a while with the tiniest bit of product left. I just couldn't bare to see it gone. It leaves my hair feeling like I've just had it cut! What I don't love is it is also on the expensive side at around $45 in Australia, hence not wanting it to finish. Although, If you are looking for a great hair mask, look no further!

These are such a treat! I love the refreshing smell and cooling feeling they give. They are very gentle and effectively remove most of my make-up before cleansing. I try and save these for days when I really want to enjoy the process of cleansing, etc. I try not to use them when I am rushing because it will cost my $9.99 to buy more!
This is my ultimate holy grail mascara. I love its formula and the dramatic result. I got this in Canada for Christmas and finally got around to chucking it (don't worry, I stopped using it a while ago). In Canada it is an expensive mascara at $31 in Shoppers Drugmart. Australian cosmetics prices are outrageous, so I would never repurchase this in Australia as they ask for around $48.00. I fear my bank account when I return to Canada and see the price differences on everything (cosmetics alone are around 60% more here).

I love this mask! Its clay and therefore really purifying. It feels nice and cooling and helps to calm down any blemishes I have. You can read a more in depth review I did here. I am sad to see the end of this tube and will be very temped to buy this one again, especially with it only setting me back $13.

I got this in a Lust Have It! pack and think it was a really nice treat. I also got a full mask but forgot to keep the empty packaging. Both left me with visibly brighter skin that felt hydrated and plump. The downside is that these are not cheap. I might be tempted to pick them up if I walked past them, but I also haven't seen them in any stores :s

I got this Mascara in the Priceline Make-up bag and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed using it! It left a really natural finish that was very feathery. The formula wasn't too wet or dry and the small brush made it easy to coat all of my lashes. A winner in my books :)

Well there were a lot there but hopefully it gave you a tad of information on how I enjoyed these varied products. Please comment below if you have any questions and please don't forget to follow my blog :)

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  1. Great tip about using moisturisers as hydrating masks. I have a lot of lotions that I can use up that way :)

    I'm looking forward to your post about Alpha H Liquid Gold. It's on my list of things to buy in future :)

    1. Hey Betsy! I love using a think layer of lotion and am basically upset I don't have any cheap moisturiser left atm! It feels so lovely washing it off with warm water, really luxurious! I will post the Liquid Gold review soon! It really is amazing! Thanks for reading :D