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Review: Philosophy Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser*


This is a creamy cleanser that is said to not only cleanse your face but also take the place of your make-up remover and toner.  

Philosophy Says:

“our award-winning daily facial skin cleanser is formulated to gently cleanse, tone and melt away all face and eye makeup in one simple step, while lightly hydrating the skin.
features & benefits
deep cleans pores and eliminates makeup build-up
natural oil extracts help condition skin
fragrance-free formula”

The only negative that I can bring up, which for me isn't really a big negative, are the ingredients of this cleanser.  With it being call "Purity Made Simple", you'd assume that it wouldn't include some of the ingredients that many (including me) have come to know aren't great, but it does :S I am not actually sold on "all natural" products as some natural products, that often contain plant extracts, can be irritating on the skin. My skin doesn't react well to some product that don't contain any harmful ingredients and yet loves this Philosophy cleanser.

Philosophy says their philosophy (hehe) is that:

"philosophy products are formulated with scientifically-proven, medically-accepted ingredients and technologies, overseen by a contingent of doctors and scientists for proven results. philosophy believes science gives us better skin, inspiration gives us better days.we believe in miracles and the beauty in everyone. "

I received this cleanser for review just about a week ago. The website asked me to review this as one of 5 reviewers after I entered a competition and won! They asked that it be reviewed within two weeks of winning. I would usually like to spend a bit more time before reviewing a product like a cleanser but was certainly able to give you my honest first impressions of this product.


I have oily to combination skin that is sensitive, reactionary and acne prone. I am dry to normal on my cheeks and oil down my t-zone including my chin. I mostly get blemishes on my chin.


I asked to review this product for a few reasons and will share some of them with you. The biggest reason for me was my Clarisonic. I purchased my Clarisonic Mia from about 3 months ago (you can see my review here). I love the results I get when using this amazing tool, but I have yet to find the right cleanser to use with it. I have read countless blogs and seen countless videos that suggest Purity Made Simple as a perfect cleanser to use with the Clarisonic. I have been anxious to try this cleanser after trying many cleansers with the Clarisonic. With my problem skin I needed to find a cleanser that has everything my skin needs while working well with this tool. The challenge is to find a cleanser that foams, but not so much that its uncomfortable.


As I mentioned briefly above, I got this cleanser from This website is absolutely fabulous. I don’t say this because I was sent this product, but even raved about this website before I even heard from the company (you can see my first post about the website here). I love this website for the wonderful brands that they have, how easy it is to use and the wealth of information they give on every product. If you want any more information on any product, you can leave a question on the forum or chat to them live during the day. It really does take up a lot of my time when I end up on the site, I could (and do) spend hours looking through the many skincare, hair care and make-up they have. You can learn a lot more about this cleanser and pricing from the Adore Beauty website by clicking here


This product works by first splashing your face with some water. It is said to remove your make up, cleanse and tone. Now I have a pet-peeve about removing my make-up with just a cleanser. Also with the Clarisonic, I like for it to really get to work to clean out my skin and not just focus on the makeup on top. So I usually remove my make-up with a wipe or a cleansing water first, then with a wet face I put a little bit of the Purity Made Simple Cleanser on the brush head of my Clarisonic. I then apply the brush head to my face, press the button and work around my face the way Clarisonic suggests for one minute.  I then splash away any excess and pat my face dry before heading on to the rest of my skin care routine.

So Here’s What I thought:

I love this cleanser! It has a creamy consistency that is very gentle. In the evenings, I use it mostly with my Clarisonic and think it is absolutely ideal, foaming up just enough. I have tried SO many cleansers with my Clarisonic and this one works leaps and bounds better then any other I’ve tried.  In the mornings, I use it just with my hands (as to not over use the Clarisonic on my face which can cause various issues) and find it still works really well. After using it my face feels hydrated, very clean and soft to touch. Many cleansers make me feel like I want to put moisturiser on quickly, to rid my face of that tight feeling I sometimes get after cleansing, this cleanser doesn’t make my face feel tight at all. I love this cleanser and can see me re-purchasing many times in the future.

Have you tried this cleanser & what did you think?!
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