Monday, 11 June 2012

Review: Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Cleanser/Mask

I've read LOTS about this product online from other bloggers and youtubers (Amodelrecommends, etc.). With it only costing $13.99AUD I took note of it being a product I might look into.

After filming my skincare first impressions video I noticed that I wasn't really doing much to combat my acne. I don't have cystic acne but I do get a lot of breakouts and basically will always have at least one blemish to worry about. I am happy with my very new skincare regime, so I didn't really want to change it so soon into starting it. I am a firm believer in really giving products a chance to work and therefore using them for at least a month before passing judgement (unless of course they really irritate me or I have a bad reaction). 

This Neutrogena product I bought to use as a mask, a great way to add it into my routine without disturbing what I am already doing. This mask is clay based and also contains salicylic acid, both great ways of helping to reduce blemishes. It also is a five minute mask, which means that it dries quickly. Because It is a cleanser as well, I find the best way to remove this mask is with a towel, flannel or muslin cloth that has been soaked in hot water and wiped over the face slowly to remove the majority of the product.  To be a good blogger, I tested what would happen by just splashing warm water on my face to remove the mask. As I feared, this was a foamy mess! It being a foaming cleanser, adding water means you start lathering up the product and it makes removal SO much more difficult (oh the things I do for research!). Also, using the product as a mask means using about 5X more product then I would if I were just using it as a cleanser, hence the foamy mess!
I love the tingly feeling you get when you first put this mask on, you can really feel it working. I also love how soft and lovely my face feels after. With any product containing salicylic acid, it can be drying for someone with drier skin, but it mostly works well for me apart from a few drier areas that sometimes I avoid (the woes of combination skin).

Neutrogena says:
"Neutrogena rapid clear- 2-in-1- cleanser/mask is a unique daily cleanser that can be used in two different ways to help fight breakouts. It contains salicylic acid and natural clay minerals to help control oil and cleanse deeply, so skin looks clearer and healthier. Use as a daily cleanser to remove make-up, dirt and excess oil and help prevent breakouts. Use as an intensive 5-minute mask to cleanse deep down into pores and condition skin, leaving it soft, smooth and healthy-looking."
Overall, I really like this product and think its well priced and does what it says it does. The raves from other bloggers, etc. is right on with this one and if you are in the market for an acne fighting mask, look for this at your local pharmacy etc. 

You can find more information here:

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