Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My WishList!

Lately I have been so mindful of my spending! As it gets later and later into the year I am becoming more aware of all the expenses that come along with living on the other side of the world! I have to buy plane tickets, pay for visas, gifts, etc. I know its more then half a year away, but its all certainly on my mind.

This spending freeze (not completely!) doesn't stop me from making a wish list on various websites! I was looking through my favourite blogs this morning and saw Lou's post on her dream products and having several wishlists hanging around myself, I thought I'd also share!

My newest website love is It is an Australian website (obviously ".au") and carries all sorts of brands that aren't easy to get in Australia, especially if you live in a tiny little country town (I'm not even sure under 1000 people can be called a town! ha!) like me! They have reasonable prices, sometimes even less then I find in stores when I'm in "the big city", a great and easy to use website (I hate hate hate bad websites and have zero patience with them), and give you lots of little extras depending on what you buy (so don't forget to look at the "Gifts With Purchase" section).

So here's my little Wishlist of products: 

I literally have less then one more use in my current tub of this baby and it makes me so so sad because my hair LOVES this stuff. Nothing makes my hair more soft and beautiful and basically make it feel like I've just had my hair trimmed! It is pretty expensive though and I've been holding off buying it for that reason! Not sure how much longer I can last! AHH! has this awesome service where basically you can ask a Skincare expert any questions you might have. While browsing facebook yesterday (as you do), my feed showed me that their Skincare expert was online and happy to answer any questions for the next hour (I've seen this several times before but thought I'd go for it). I asked for a product that would be good to cover blemishes without making them worse and this was her suggestion. It looks so good, but the price is HIGH! I think this might be one of those things I put on my wishlist and it never leaves the wishlist section, I HOPE NOT!

I don't and never have owned a good concealer! I have heard great things about benefit's concealers but don't really know which one is for me. This product looks perfect for someone looking to try a few different items and see what's right for them! It is a tad expensive, so maybe I'll wait until I'm in another country and buy it there but I'm not sure I can wait that long and its so tempting to think I could have it this week!

I love this blush! I think its a great colour and it has super cute packaging (as most Benefit products do). Many people talk about this product and I wanna talk about it too! BUT again, the Australian prices make me think it might be part of a Benefit haul from afar, noooooo!

I have basically the same things to say about this as I did about CORALista. I'll add that I love that this bronzer doesn't have any shimmer to it, I think it would be sure a natural product to wear and would be great for teaching!

I really like this look for this lotion. It is a cold dry winter here in Australia (not dry outside as its been a week since I put my washing out and has rained EVERYDAY! But dry as in my skin is!). I really need a good lotion to hydrate my skin and might as well do double duty and firm me up too!

This product is so expensive! AH! After almost a solid month since I started using the Alpha-H Liquid Gold, I can honestly say it is the single most effective skincare product I've ever used. A definite Holy Grail item that I am sure to repurchase. I now have a lot of trust for the Brand and am confident that this product for the day will be amazing. It has Hyaluronic Acid in it, which is said to pull the moisture from the air and hydrate your skin. It is targeted for an older cliental, so it would work more as a preventative treatment, but this expensive serum might be more of a dream then a wish, & a girl can dream!

So there you have it, my Wishlist. If you are a beauty/skincare/makeup/haircare lover like myself and living in Australia, I'd really suggest giving this website a look. I'm sure you'll quickly fill up a Wishlist of products you'll lust after too (not to mention that you can easily email said wishlist ;) )!

What products are you currently lusting over?! 
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  1. LOVE your wishlist! May I add the Liquid Gold Prep & Prime, it's amazing!

    1. Thank you! I love it too & am dangerously close to clicking a few easy buttons! I'll have to read up on the Prep & Prime! I could sit here for hours and read about the beautiful Alpha-H products - miracle workers! Thanks for reading :)