Monday, 18 June 2012

Review:'s Super Serums Sampler Kit*

I was lucky enough to get to try out this amazing Super Serums sample kit from I was so excited by so many of the brands and products included in this sampler pack. I wanted to quickly make a review and give you an opportunity to read my views before this product sells out. It is only on for a limited time and at an amazing $29(!), I really can't see this lasting long. 

Here is what Adorebeauty Says:

The latest and greatest sampler set has launched exclusively at Adore Beauty!Following hot on the heals of our mascara and fragrance samplers, our serum sampler contains six serums and treatments with products included from SK-II, Lancome, Trilogy, Ole Henriksen, Alpha-H and Subtle Energies. As a bonus, each sampler includes a special code for 10% off the price of any serum included in the set if you choose to purchase one. What a beauty! The Serum Sampler is strictly limited edition, and available only while stocks last for $29.
I absolutely love getting samples of luxury items to try out. Expensive skincare can be really overwhelming! It can be hard to buy an expensive product and just hope that it does what it is supposed to do and hope that you like the product. To fork out the money and then be disappointed can be a real let down! One of the reasons I LOVE getting my Lust Have It! pack is for this very reason; I get to try a product and see if it's something I would really like before having to spend all my money. 
Another plus of sample kits is trying products/brands you might not have heard of. Two of the brands in this pack I hadn't discovered before and it was so exciting researching and finding out information on these amazing brands. The kit is called "Super Serum" for a reason. I am not sure of the actual value you get, but it far surpasses $29! 
As all Adorebeauty packages do, it arrives very professionally packaged and includes two samples and a chocolate treat! It is so nice to get these little extras and really makes you want to continue shopping on this website. I know it sounds silly, but I love getting extras! Maybe part of my time spent in South Korea (the mecca of free samples), made me feel like I am getting ripped off if I don't get a little something more. 

The sampler pack includes:

- 6 luxury sample size serums 
- Detailed information on each item
- A 10% code if you choose to purchase a bottle of your favourite serum from the pack (and trust me it won't be if you want to order one, it will be which one!) 
Here is the information they provided. Most samples had directions for use, although I did have to spend some time on the website looking at some of the products that didn't tell me how to use the product. 

So here is a bit of information on my own thoughts on each product: 

This serum is thick like a syrup & it's bright orange colour really reminds you that you are applying vitamin C on to your skin. It has a lovely floral citrusy smell. It absorbs very quickly sinking in completely even before you've finished applying it to your whole face. It does leave the skin feeling a wee bit sticky after application so I would apply after toning but definitely before moisturising with a lotion or cream. It might be something you'd rather use in the evenings. I used this product on my chin as throughout the day I was finding some dry spots I had were starting to get uncomfortable. This serum really did what it said by helping to quickly hydrate my irritated skin. This sample is 7ml and with the 30ml bottle costing $99.00, I think its super value. After one application I could hardly see a difference in the amount of product in the bottle, a little goes a long way! 

This might be the sample I was most looking forward to! I am still blown away at how effective Alpha-H's Liquid Gold is. This Prep and Prime product is to be used in the mornings as the last step in your skincare routine before you apply your foundation. It is said to refine pores and dissolve cell build up on the surface level of your skin. This product also has Glycolic acid in it, the same active ingredient in the Liquid Gold. It is used like a primer (hence the name) but I still use a makeup primer afterwards. I consider this like a primer for your skin, while my makeup primer helps with my makeup's longevity. I like to give it a while before applying anything else to my face, letting it set and wanting it to have a chance to do all the fabulous things its meant to (after I cleanse and tone in the morning, I'll apply this and get my coffee ready, have some breaky and then apply my moisturiser!) It is a water type clear liquid that goes on easily and dries quickly. This sample bottle is 10ml with the full size costing $42.46 for 30ml.

This very popular Japanese Skincare line is known for its discovery and use of the natural, nutrient-rich liquid which they call Pitera. The Facial Treatment Essence contains 90% Pitera which is said to refine, restore and balance your skin. This product goes on like a water, and doesn't have a scent that I could smell at least. It feels like your face is wet at first (like you've just splashed water on your face and you want to pat it dry), but that feeling goes away quickly as it dries. I put just 4 drops into the palm of my hand and was able to pat this serum on to my whole face easily, I think this sample will go a long way :) I know the results of using this product come over time, but feel like I have already seen results! I do not suffer from any major pigmentation or discolouration, but when I have blemishes, I find that often they will leave a mark weeks after the blemish is gone. My skin looked visibly clearer and brighter the next day after applying this at night. I like to use this after cleansing and toning, I apply this and wait 15-30 minutes before applying my moisturiser, to make sure the active ingredients are given some time to do their magic before diluting them. This is by far the largest sample in the kit at 30ml and with the 75ml bottle costing $100.00 this is incredible value.

A milky thin liquid that is said to rejuvinate skin in 1 week with full results after 8, this serum sinks in instantly leaving the skin with a very soft and plump feeling. This product is targeted to a skin type that is more mature, dry and with my skin being a 25 year old combination oily type, I thought it best to get an opinion from someone who could really benefit from this product. My boyfriend's mother was happy to give this product a go and let me know how it felt and worked for her! She loves how luxurious this product feels. She mentioned what a treat it was to use and was quickly falling in love with this silky hydrator. When I checked this product just on my hand I found that it has a really nice consistency, because it is thin, it is very comfortable to put on, not leaving your skin tacky like other serums tend to. The 30ml bottle will cost you $115 and this sample is 7ml, again, this kit delivers amazing value for money. 

Never having heard of the Subtle Energies brand, I found heaps of information via the adorebeauty Beauty IQ section of the website, a beauty/skincare lover's dream! This section gave me huge amount of information on the brand, that I could feel confident was well researched and likely right from the source. This company's founder uses Indian sciences as the basis for the skincare line and after reading briefly into the background I could tell that choosing what products are best for you would be a fun and interesting process. You can feel safe in knowing the products you're getting will be great for your skin type! 
This product has a very fragrant smell! It smells very floral and a lot like a mixture of essential oils, I really like the smell but could see it being overwhelming for some. It can be a little confronting for some people to put an oil on your face, I have used oils on my face before and often use products like Bio-Oil and Rose Hip Oil as treatments. I find that when applying an oil to the face, it is nice to gently pat your face with a bit of water first, it will help the oil to absorb into the skin faster. I like to smooth this oil over my face and wait for it to sink in. I love the feel of my skin after using this product and think its perfect to use after getting out of a hot bath or shower during these cold winter months, beautiful product! 
(I wasn't able to find this product specifically on the website, but linked the page to all the Subtle Energies products)

The newest product in the Trilogy skincare line, this product includes Trilogy's famous 100% organic Rose Hip Oil with the addition of red berry super antioxidants. Also an oil, this product can be strange for someone who is not used to applying oils to their face. I love using Rose Hip Oil to help with the production of oil on my face and leave my skin feeling super soft. This product is like a supercharged Rose Hip Oil! The inclusion of other powerful antioxidants means even more benefits for your skin, without having to use any more products. This is the most affordable full size product with the 30ml bottle costing $29.95. It is available at drugstores as well, so it is also the most accessible product, but with's free samples with every order and amazing customer service, I don't know why you'd buy anywhere else (plus I am a sucker for receiving packages in the mail! It is just so exciting! Is anyone else that way?)! With the price so close to that of other Rose Hip Oils on the market, and the inclusion of other great ingredients, I would definitely suggest this for those out there already using Rose Hip Oil or if you're interested in trying it. 


 I really really enjoyed trying out these awesome products. I was definitely more impressed with some of the products then others but not disappointed with anything. I think after continued use many of these products would be much better. A lot of the prices reflect how amazing these products are. I know that as I get older it is important for me to start including more preventative treatments. Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising is just not good enough and I know that if I want to have beautiful skin as I get older, the easiest way will be to start now. Gradually including treatments like serums into my skincare routine is an important step I don't want to skip as my skin matures. That being said, many of these products can really start to rejuvenate your skin if you are older and your skin needs a real pick-me-up!

My favourite products in this pack have to be the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence & Alpha-H Prep & Prime, as they would be the products I would be most likely to use my 10% discount voucher on. It is difficult to even pick two as I could say so many good things about the other products. I think this is such a fun kit to try yourself, or give as a gift! It is affordable and also a way of introducing a fellow beauty lover to a new website they might not now about and be able to try a bunch of great products. It is a great way to kick start using serums in your skincare routine, while caring for your skin!

Have you tried any of these amazing products? Which product looks most appealing to you? 
Thanks for reading & please follow my blog for lots more reviews! 


  1. Great review Laura! I don't know how you were able to review them all so fast!!

    1. Thanks Kimberley! Can you tell I was excited about this stuff?! This is certainly more of a first impressions take on them, but I thought it best to give a quick review as its a limited time & they are just samples so I wouldn't be able to see the full results anyway. Hope it was helpful nonetheless :D

  2. These look fab! I saw the offer and think it is fab but I have too many serums to use at the moment so can't justify it X

    1. They are fab! I understand having too many, and its so easy to fall in love with these if you buy this pack you will be very very tempted! haha Thanks for reading! I love Glossy Beauty!