Sunday, 28 October 2012

What's in my carry-on skincare bag?

I got this idea from Lisa Eldridge's youtube video and I am so happy that I decided to try this! A beauty/skincare lovers dream plane ride! I saw this video and knew that I be going on a massive plane ride to the UK shortly after, so I took her advice strongly and wrote down just what I’d need to give myself a facial at 40,000 feet. Below is the list of all the products I used while in flight. I actually was looking forward to the plane ride with all these little products ready to go in my carry-on. They worked beautifully, leaving my skin hydrated and happy while getting off a 22+ hour flight. I used all of these products at some point on the flight or in Changi Airport in Singapore (my stopover).

Cleansing wipes:
Any will really do. On the way from Sydney to London, I used Yes to Cucumbers but just used regular wipes on the way back. Both worked perfectly at either removing my makeup or the hydrating oil I used.

Hotel Cotton Pads, Cotton Buds, Tissues & Manicure set:
I always like to take these freebees with me after a stay in a hotel. Daniel (my boyfriend) and I stayed at the awesome Hotel Missoni in Edinburgh and I wanted to take everything in that room. I settled for the things I was actually allowed to.

Gravol & Advil:
Always good to have even if you usually don’t get sick. Gravol also helps you fall asleep which is a nice bonus.

Floss, a Mirror and a Hair-tie:
Just essentials, like having toothpaste.

Aesop Hydrating Oil:
I just had a little sample of this that I’ve since chucked out. I used at the beginning of the flight to give myself a nice facial massage and left it on for a good couple of hours. I may have looked a little greasy at first, but this product sunk in quickly and honestly, I don’t care if someone on a plane I’ll likely never see again thinks my face looks shiny. After a few hours of this product on my face I’d use a wipe to just clean it off.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask
I LOVE this product. I slathered on this mask more then once during my flight. It sinks in over a few hours but you can’t see it as I might not care if someone thinks my face is oily, but I do think it’d be a bit much if I had a green clay mask on. I don’t want to scare any children! It really combats the disgusting dry air that circulates in the cabin for many hours. I almost always breakout after a long haul flight, and likely because my skin is producing oil because its so dry from the flight.

Bioderma Crealin H20:
I got this cute little sample in a beauty box and used it to remove my eye makeup. It works a treat! All you have to do is saturate a cotton pad, hold it on your eye for maybe 30 seconds and then wipes away. The product basically is designed to dissolve your makeup, so you do need to give it the time to do that, especially with your eye makeup.

Hand Sanitiser: 
This is a must have for me just on a regular basis. Before and after I eat, I need this! I hate when after you’ve finished eating on a flight you have to sit there for what seems like forever for the staff to come pick up your meal so you can get up and wash your hands.

Mouth Wash & Tooth Paste:
An essential on a long haul flight! You wouldn’t go a full 24 hours without brushing your teeth, you shouldn’t on a flight either.

Origins What a Difference Face Lotion Sample:
I love samples for flying. This product was great after I removed the hydrating mask (or what was left of it). I had a little sample of foundation as well and used this moisturiser before putting my make-up on. My boyfriend thought this was lovely too!

Avene Thermal Spring Water:
I love this product and it is absolutely ideal on a flight when you need a bit of a pick-me-up or just want a bit of hydration. You can check out my post here for more information.

Clinique All About The Eyes Roll-on Serum:
This product feels so cooling when you roll it on and I think it works. It hydrates the sensitive under-eye which when you are not getting a lot of sleep is essential. I used this during the flight and also just before I applied my lotion at the end of the flight.

Dove Deodorant:
I like to use spray on for, this might sound yucky, but when you are a bit yucky and need to smell good, I don’t want to touch the yucky area. I like just spraying this on and feeling fresh again!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Mini:
I got this in a magazine when I first arrived in London. I discovered on the first leg of the flights I took that the airline provided a hot flannel at the beginning and end of the flight to freshen up. I then decided that when I saw the ladies coming down the aisle handing out these cloths, that I would get out my cleanser and apply it. By the time they arrived, I was able to wash off the product with a beautiful hot cloth, just as directed! (ps. See my last post for my Cleanse & Polish Giveaway!).

Ulittle Beauty Hand Cream:
Just like my face hydration process, I don’t want dry hands after a flight either. I used this periodically throughout the flight when ever I brought out my little kit.

This is just a mini so I thought it would be nice to bring on the plane. Its not the best but certainly helps to hydrate.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume Sample: 
I actually only brought this to use before landing and seeing my family. I didn’t think about the vast amounts of perfumes the airport has as you walk through. Silly me, this was very un-needed.

This is a serum that has a high concentration of hyaluronic acid in it. Hyaluronic acid is meant to pull moisture from the air and is super hydrating. My skin has really improved over the last month and was really great during my trip. Now there are quite a few things I’ve done to have this result but I am sure this is one of them. I use this underneath my lotion, as it really isn’t a substitute for moisturiser. I got this in boots in the UK on a strong suggest from Caroline Hirons rave review here and would really suggest it myself as well.

No7 Beautiful Skin Purifying Exfoliator: 
I brought this just in case I felt like freshening up during my spot-over. Again, this is a way of wasting a bit of time while waiting for my next flight. I like this scrub but I actually prefer scrubs that I can use without water. I like to just slap on the scrub and get a nice exfoliation before washing it off with water. I still like this and its great to use in the shower.

So there you have it, my skincare carry-on goodies. I don’t think I’ll go on a long haul flight again without these in my bag with me. It was fun to get pampered, as I am someone who really enjoys using all these products. I also loved the way my skin felt when I finished the flight and it certainly occupied a lot of my time when I wasn’t sleeping/trying to sleep.

What do you bring on a long flight with you?
What do you think you’ll take with you on your next flight?

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  1. I wish I was this organised! The only beauty-related items I take in my carry-on is a hairbrush, hair tie, hand sanitiser and maybe a perfume. I need to step my game up!


    1. Haha I've traveled quite a bit and the rest of the organizing kinda comes very easily now. I packed in a day!! This carry-on bag was so fun to plan and made excited for the plane ride instead od dreading it! I'd so suggest something like this for your next plane ride :)