Saturday, 27 October 2012

Lust Have It! October 2012

So I don't even think I will get into the drama that is the Lust Have It! Facebook page but rather thought I'd just post this latest post from the ladies at Lust Have It! :
Hi Everyone! I just wanted to say have a lovely weekend! Its been a busy week and although we have tried to respond to as many emails and Facebook posts as possible, we will continue to keep in touch with everyone in the coming days. We are cracking the whip (so to speak!) so that the coming months' boxes can both impress and invite a restored faith to the Lust have it! service.

I thought this was pretty good from the company. I know people have been upset with the promises they made and the service/delivery being sub-standard, but at least they are aware and want to restore their community's response. 

I am one of those customers that hasn't really been upset with the service they've provided, yes my pack came a little late this month, but they also emailed me to let me know it was coming late! Maybe I've been lucky, but I've never thought badly enough to complain. I have really enjoyed receiving the box every month and being am to sample new products, especially coming from another country! Below is an overview of the products I got in this month's pack!

I was a Fun and Flirty Lust Have this month and got:

Mask in a Cup Facial Mask 35g/$9.95 (Full Sized Product)
I am a face mask fend. I love them so much and love trying new ones. I think this is a cute brand and would make a nice gift for a friend who is sick along with a cup of soup, how cute!

NYX Cosmetics Girls Nail Polish 12ml/$4.95 (Full Sized Product)
So the colour I got is a, but the product/formula is really nice and who know, maybe one day I'll really want a blue nail polish!

Avene Cleanance Skin Available from $24.95
I have used both of these facial creams and really like this range. The Cleanance-K is a little sticky or tacky on the skin, so is best to use at night, but the Emulsion is awesome. When my skin was going crazy about two months ago, I used this stuff all the time. It was almost the only thing that didn't irritate my skin, I've re-purchased it since. I haven't tried the cleanser, but wanted to and am happy to try it.

Caron Waxaway Ready to Use Sensitive Wax Strips Face/Body 20pk/$9.95
This is the kind of product I'm happy to get a chance to try out before buying. I have bought SO MANY different hair removal creams, strips and tools and more then half of them I wish I'd been able to try first! We will see what this brand is like!

Star&Rose White Bath Fizzer 145g/$4.95 (Full Sized Product)
I love a bath and these bomb/fizzer things are usually a fun thing. I look forward to dropping this in a nice warm bath and relaxing. I'll have to use it soon though as its warming up quickly. I'll save this for the next particularly frustrating teaching day!

Overall I am super happy with this months pack. There wasn't a satin bag, which I find upsetting, but I know some people were getting overwhelmed with little satin bags. I think this pack was good value for money!
How did you like this month's Lust Have It!?

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  1. The mask looks really interesting. I got the Bold and Beautiful box which was slightly different

    Here is my review on mine

    1. Hey Kat! The mask was nicer then I thought it would be given the RRP of only 9.95. I easily got two uses out of it and it left my skin so soft. interested to see what they have coming up for next month!