Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Holy Grail Skincare Product #1 - Liquid Gold By Alpha-H

Having only started really enjoying and testing many skincare products a mere 6 months ago, it is rather exciting for me to have found an absolute Holy Grail product. I can see myself continuing to re-purchase this product over and over while excitedly asking my family and friends to try it too.

Liquid Gold by Alpha-H is a mild formula with Glycolic Acid that chemically exfoliates your skin while you sleep. I heard about this product from the Youtuber and Blogger Ruth from AMODELRECOMMENDS. She has incredible skin and talks about this product all the time. Her raves and the obvious beautiful skin she has while saying how much she loves this stuff, was enough for me to give it a try.
And I am so happy I did! The results of this product are really exciting because unlike other skincare products you can see a change in your skin literally overnight.  It is so nice to wake up to find glowing, plump, smooth skin where it was once a little dull and tired.

So how do I use it?
This product is a thin water like consistency. I apply a few squirts of this onto a cotton oval (I say oval because I got the bigger sized pads from priceline and therefore only have to use one with each application as they are much bigger!) and swipe the product across my cleansed and dry skin with not moisturiser. It may feel weird at first going to bed without a moisturiser, but you will not regret it when you wake up. When applying the product you will experience a slight tingling sensation that goes away after about 10 minutes and diminishes with continued use. Your skin will become more and more used to the Glycolic Acid. If you are someone who has used or does use Glycolic Acid, then you don’t have to worry about this.

So what does the product really do?
This is a mild chemical exfoliator. During the night the substance is essentially eating away at the top layer of skin, the dead skin cells that are making your skin look less glowing then it can be. Because it is an exfoliator that is a tad stronger then your manual scrubs, you should only use this once every second night at the most and also be careful with using your other scrubs. I like to alternate the days I use a facial scrub and my Liquid Gold.

So I highly recommend this beautiful product. I use it now when I am 25 to help with acne scarring a reduction of blemishes and just to reveal a smoother more radiant face of skin then the night before I used it. I think at 55 this will be a product I use to help with ageing skin that needs pick-me-ups a little more often. I think it’s a lovely product and if you haven’t heard of it or were thinking of trying it that you should give it a try. It is available at Adorebeauty.com.au in an 100ml bottle, while I got my 200ml from the site when they were having a special.

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