Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Battle of the BB Creams!

Lately I have been (along with countless others in the beauty world) obsessed with BB Creams. I have a in depth description of what BB Creams are here if you’d like some more information.
I love these products for their hydrating qualities and knowing that my foundation is really doing good for my skin. Most of the BB Creams I like also feel very light and almost a more perfected second skin. The five BB Creams I will talk about in this post all have different qualities and some I love, others I will struggle to finish before needing to chuck out.

This product really represents all that a BB Cream should be. I could really debate which drawer it belongs the skincare or makeup. It is so hydrating, has a high SPF of 27PA++ and has a light to medium coverage. Its one negative for me is that it has a rather light colour which is ideal for the winter when my skin is quite light. But with its high SPF I wish I could wear this in the summer but know that it wont be the right colour when I have some sun.

This is another hydrating formula although not as hydrating as the Water Drop. The coverage of this product is very nice and it is quite a bit darker in colour, more in line with my skin colour in the summer. The issue I have with it is that while this formula is an excellent base, it doesn’t have an SPF which is such a same. If I were to repurchase again I would buy the Triple the Solution which has an SPF in it.

L’Oreal Nude Magique $26.95/30ml
This is a very unique formulation and it works incredibly well! It comes out of its tube very thin and with a white colour with little specks of beads that burst upon application and give off a colour that suits your natural skin tone. It gives light to medium coverage in my opinion with an SPF of 12 and feels almost gritty when you’re applying it. The best part about this product is its light feeling on the skin. I have never worn a lighter product that gives such great coverage at the same time.

This is really nothing like its first formula. This improved formula is specifically for combination/oily skin. It comes out very thin and offers medium coverage that is comparable to some of my foundations but it feels really light on the skin. It has an SPF of 15 and easily blends. I have been wearing this product a lot and love its coverage and hydrating qualities.

Garnier Miracle  Skin Perfector
I honestly think that without Garnier calling this product a BB Cream I wouldn’t have included it in this battle. This product comes out thick but gives very little coverage. It is not really like a foundation at all, which is what one of the things a BB Cream is meant to be. This is a tinted moisturiser and not even a very nice one. It isn’t super moisturising and gives very little colour.  Another problem is that it feels quite oily on the skin and my combination oily skin is a mess at the end of the day while wearing this. With this product I really just feel like it its an extra step to my routine that doesn’t have any benefits.

It is difficult to choose a winner in this battle but I’d say that the Garnier new formula for combination/oily skin. It gives a great base, hydration, an SPF, excellent coverage and a nice colour match for me as well.
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