Saturday, 22 September 2012

Lust Have It! September 2012

I have been teaching everyday and am heading to England on Monday so thank you in advance for excusing my absence. I wish I could spend all my time just testing out products and writing about them, awe what a life it would be! Alas, I need to work to make money and at the end of the day I am exhausted and stick to reading blogs and watching beauty videos rather then making them myself! 
So wasn't it nice to arrive home this friday to my Lust Have It! pack perched on my bed ready for me to dig right in. 

And wasn't I delighted upon opening to find a sweet little pearl coloured pack to go along with it! I was so disappointed last month when there was no little bag with my pack (although the white box was nice with its classy black ribbon, something I'll be re-using). 

This pack seemed small when I opened it but proved to have some little extras on the side. 

Dermalogica PreCleanse 150ml $65.50
Dermalogica Avtive Toner 250ml $51.00
I am a big fan of the Dermalogica brand and think that it has some really innovative and effective skincare. It also happens to be an expensive line of skincare, so its so nice to be able to try out products such as these to see how you like them. I am going on Holiday in two days and am happy to bring these two products with me to include in my nightly routine. 

Davroe Ultimatum Non Aersol Hairspray 200ml $19.95
This is a brand that I haven't heard of before. It looks like a nice line of haircare and this product specifically looks very interesting. I was going to buy a hairspray to bring with me while i'm away, but now will be using this instead! I am excited by the sound of it as it is said to hold the hair as well as add shine and protect the hair's natural moisture. 

Mirenesse "Protect Me" - Regular 18G $69.00
This is a bit of a funny product and I'm not sure what to make of it. It is a clear balm that is said to have anti-aging properties while including an SPF 15. I like that it is clear and simply sinks into the skin but am a little confused with its purpose as so many make-up products already include SPFs of at least 15. I'll have to test this out a bit and see how it goes on the skin before I make any final calls.

Say It With Scent Vanilla 200ml $26.80
Its always nice getting a lotion and I love Vanilla scents. The packaging of this product is certainly one of its best qualities and having not used the product yet, that's what I really can comment on. I feel like with the beautiful packaging, a full size of this product could be a really nice gift or just a beautiful product to have out in the bathroom.

The pack also included some extra offers including a free Davroe product just by going to their website. I did just that and was then asked to pay $10 for shipping so I think I'll think about whether to redeem the offer. Next was an offer from Mirenesse, where you could go to their Facebook site and the first 1000 people to enter a code would get sent a free eye liner. My biggest issue with an offer such as this is that so many of Lust Have It!'s customers constantly complain about the shipping of the pack. By including an offer that is time sensitive they lend themselves to criticism. I went ahead and went to the page and entered the code and the next thing that bothered me was that the page then told me that they couldn't confirm whether I was one of the first 1000 or not. The last offer included was a free Dermalogica facial when you spend $50 on a product. While this sounds like a great deal, the last time I bought from Dermalogica I was offered the same deal which makes me believe that this is an offer that they often use to encourage purchase and not exclusive to Lust Have It! subscribers.

So I wasn't so pleased with the little extras but thought that the included products were pretty good.
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I've written quite a few posts that will go up while I am away but won't likely be responding to comments for a few weeks. I am planning on picking up a giveaway item that isn't available in Australia. Thanks for reading and keep watching this space for my exciting giveaway in a few weeks time when I come back from the UK.


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