Monday, 10 September 2012

Liebster Award

The rules for receiving this award:
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I got this tag from “Shrinking Wallet... I may have a problem...” and thought it was cute and it’d be fun to answer and make some questions. Enjoy!

I’m a high school English and history teacher.
My favourite animal is an elephant and I have a tattoo of one.
My favourite movie is Pretty Women.
I am the 5th child in my family of 6 kids.
I am 5’8.
I’ve never broken a bone.
My style icon is Kate Middleton and my sister’s and I call her DKM
My favourite drink when out is a dirty vodka martini.
My dog’s name is Russell.
I bought my first liquid foundation 6 months ago
My favourite skincare item is face masks.

1.     What is one thing you can't live without?
I think I’d have to say in this case mascara. I know I should probably pick something more concrete or specific, but I could be wearing no other make up but I still would want mascara, it just makes me feel so much better! That or a bath tub!
2.    What is your biggest pet peeve?
My biggest pet peeve is when my students say things are “gay”. I think it is so frustrating, especially as an English teacher that tries to teach them the many wonderful words they can use instead!
3.    What is the first thing you'd save if your house was on fire (assuming all pets and family members were saved)?
I’d save my computer. My computer is like my little friend and I’d hate to loose it without taking my everything on it. I use it everyday!
4.    If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
I suppose I wish I could live somehow in a place that is close to both Canada and Australia. If this could be one of those magical questions where I could live with my family in Australia, that would be the place!
5.    What is your favourite movie genre?
I think my favourite genre is a thriller. I love comedy’s and drama’s but I love thrillers and get really excited for them.
6.    Are you loyal to a brand? If so, what is it?
I had a hard time with this one as I trust a lot of brands but don’t consistently repurchase that many. The one product I have used for years and will continue to repurchase are Crest White strips! I love those little gel strips as they are SO easy to use and work amazingly well!
7.    If you could turn back time, what would you change?
I like to believe that everything that has happened to me in the past has lead me to where I am today. Although I dream and wish for many things, I am healthy, happy and so is my family, so I wouldn’t change a thing.
8.    Where is your ideal holiday destination?
Well I am headed to England and Scotland in two weeks and am pretty excited about that, so I’ll go with that for now. My dream holiday on the other hand would be South America, 2014 :D
9.    What is your favourite season?
This is hard and really depends on the country I’m living in! In Canada I’d say winter (the first part) in Australia I’d say Summer!
10. To-mah-toe or to-may-toe?
May – I’m Canadian!
11.  Curly hair or straight hair?
Naturally curly and it depends on my mood.


1. What is your birthstone?
2. What animal most reminds you of yourself?
3. What makeup item makes you feel most confident?
4. If you could selfishly spend $1000 in one store what would it be and where?
5. What’s your most worn thing in your wardrobe?
6. What’s your favourite dish to get in a restaurant?
7. What’s your guilty pleasure?
8. If you could change places for a day with one person who would it be and why?
9. What is your ultimate holy grail product?
10. What was your all time favourite holiday?
11. How would you describe your laugh?

I tag:
Jade from Makemestunning

I also tag anyone who wants to answer these questions! I think they are interesting and I hope you will too! Please leave your posts below!

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  1. Yay! Thanks for answering my questions. How long will you be in England/Scotland? I'll be there in October!!

    1. Hey Abigail! No problem, was a fun post to write! I am headed there late September for three weeks and leave mid October, my list of "things we can't get in Australia" is very large! Am planning a post on that soon! Any suggestions?!

    2. I'll be in Scotland from 9-12 Oct and London from 12-15 Oct! Have you been there before? If so, what are some of the places to see?

      I'm planning on getting stuff from Boots - their' No. 7 range, looking at higher end makeup brands such as YSL (so much cheaper there, although you can't beat prices in america). Clothing wise, I've been told to check out H&M, Topshop and Zara.

    3. Awe I just saw this! Sorry I didn't write back before, our, trips! I checked out Topshop too and everything was so nice, a tad expensive though! I mostly found with the clothing that everything was (obviously) geared to fall/winter. So I didn't do that much clothes shopping. What stores were your favourite? I loved TJ Maxx though, I go there every time I'm in the UK!