Sunday, 17 June 2012

Priceline Mini Haul :)

I went to Priceline to pick some things up for my boyfriend! He plays a fairly high level of soccer and therefore trains twice a week and plays every Saturday. That also means that he suffers from some injures sometimes and I went to look for a few things to ease his pain. I got a few things for him BUT this trip meant that I walked out with more things I wanted :) I have been eyeing a few things and thought I'd have a look in the makeup section!

Here's a look at some of the products I picked up for me!
I've seen this around for a while now and have heard good things. I have never used a setting spray but have taken to applying a powder after putting on my foundation or BB cream. I like to press the powder in to make sure I don't disturb the product I already have on & this is working well for me as I have pretty oily skin. I didn't do this one day and even on the way to school I could feel my makeup wasn't going to last long. The issue is, I don't really like the powdery look. This setting spray really takes away that powdery look and also helps to keep my makeup in place!

I read about this on the lovely ladies at Pixiwoo's website. I am sure you have heard about them if you are someone who loves beauty blogs. They are uber youtubers and uber bloggers and I LOVE their advice. When they said that this foundation was a great dupe for Chanel's Pro Lumiere I was excited by the prospect of this very affordable product that is super easy to find in Australia! I absolutely love the smell of this product! It has a really nice consistency, I've never used a gel formula before and I like it! The only downside (as with many drugstore/high street products) is that the colour selection is very limited. I picked up "Vanilla" but come the summer time this shade will be far to light for me.

This was also something I had been eyeing after seeing it on another amazing youtubers Pixi2woo! She loves this mascara, uses it all the time and I love seeing the results it gives. I like the two steps, step one separates and lengthens while step two really gives nice volume! I think I'll like this product a lot!

I have made a mental note a few times now to pick this up next time I see it, so I am glad I finally remembered! Winter time, especially for a teacher, makes me so paranoid about germs! I am also really trying to clear up my skin and want to be super careful about keeping my hands clean. I am using this constantly to make sure i keep my hands clean while applying my makeup so I keep this on my counter to remind me to always use this. I really think its helping!

What products have you been eyeing lately?!
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