Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sentimental Jewellery

I am a sucker for Jewellery and love buying costume pieces that are fun and really add something to my outfit. At the same time, I own a few special pieces that I would be devastated to lose. When I wear these special pieces, I really stop and think about what they mean to me. I don't wear these often and thinking about them reminded me that I should enjoy them and try and wear them more often!

For today's post, I wanted to share the few sentimental jewellery pieces that I have and hopefully it will inspire you to find those special pieces of jewellery that you own, bring them out and enjoy them too!

 I was given these two necklaces by my sisters at their weddings. They were the bridesmaid favours and instantly bring me right back to their special days. I will always cherish these. 

 This Bell necklace was a gift from my parents when I graduated from my teaching degree. My mother is my inspiration as she is also a high school teacher and constantly shows me what I aspire to become one day. She is widely respected and deserves every praise she gets. When she graduated from University, she was also given a school bell & she wanted me to have the same. This necklace is so delicate and actually makes a sweet little sound when I wear it. 

 Quite a few years ago now I remember telling my eldest sister Jill that I wanted my then boyfriend to give me some jewellery for my birthday/christmas (the downside of a Christmas Eve birthday). She told him about it, and I think gathered that I wouldn't be getting anything like that from him (hense, "then" boyfriend jk). In turn, she bought me this beautiful Swarovski necklace and said "You might not get any boyfriend jewellery, but you now have sister jewellery". I love this necklace and its so special to me!

 My most recent sentimental jewellery I got from my sister Katie and her Husband Ben for Christmas 2011. They are living in jollie ol' London England at the moment and with me living in Australia, the time difference makes it so darn difficult to Skype! My family picks names for gift giving at Christmas (with 8 people in my family plus significant others, it would be crazy not to!), but Kate and Ben were so sweet to bring all of us a little British treat! Myself and two of my other sisters (I know its confusing, I have a lot of sisters!!) got these beautiful Diana/Kate look-a-like rings! I have always lusted over this ring & want to have sapphires on my engagement ring one day! I love wearing this and getting lots of comments from people throughout the day (depending on the age of the mentioner its either Diana's or Kate's ring! ha). When I look down it also reminds me of my beautiful sister over in England whom I miss dearly and wish I could talk to more often!

 My mother doesn't have pierced ears! She was given this gorgeous pair of culture pearls from a dear friend of hers who told her "Every women must have a pair of real pearls". My mother graciously accepted and felt it unnecessary to mention that she couldn't wear them. I always loved these delicate earrings and had wore them a few times before being given them. When my grandfather passed away in 2007, my mother came into my room one night, not many days after his funeral, and thanked me for being a strong support for her. She gave me these earrings as a thank you and even writing this I still get emotional and always remember what a special moment that was. 

Lastly, my name necklace! My amazing (now hehe) boyfriend gave me this beautiful piece for my birthday while we were living in South Korea. So you can deduct, if you didn't already know, that this is my name in Korean writing or Hangul. I had always wanted a name necklace and this one is so much more special then I ever imagined. A memory of my time spent in the beautiful county as well as a very thoughtful gift from my boyfriend, this necklace is so important to me :)

Do you wear your sentimental jewellery often? What pieces do you have that are special to you?!
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  1. Thank you so much for showing us your special pieces. Lovely post xx

    1. Loved writing this post! Thanks for the inspiration! xoxox