Saturday, 16 June 2012

My Fashion Wishlist!

As promised in my last wishlist post, here is my Fashion Wishlist! I talk at length about the website in my previous post, so if you are interested in reading my thoughts, I won't bore you again and just have a look at what I said before. I could add MANY more items to this list, but will stick with a readable amount. 

Hope you enjoy seeing some of the items I'm lusting over from ASOS here: 

I love this comfy cardigan and its super bright colours! Teals and purples are up there as my favourite colours and I really like the combo that this sweater offers. Its nice and over-sized and long in the sleeves, perfect for this cold Australian winter to keep me warm while adding some needed pep with its bright colour!

I have a cropped sleeve jacket that I love wearing, but it doesn't help keep me warm, completely defeating the purpose of wearing a jacket, apart from how awesome it is (the lengths one goes for fashion)! I have been searching the stores here in Australia for a long glove that will allow me to wear my beautious jacket & stay warm! Even though its cold enough to wear gloves, the stores just don't have the selection I'm used to in Canada (wonder why that is :p). I can only imagine how soft and lovely these cashmere gloves are. 

I am loving the new trend of layering lots of rings on many fingers. This eye ring has an Egyptian "all seeing eye" thing going on and I think its pretty cool! I'd like to add it to my collection :)

I also really love layering many bracelets and I think this set of four cloth bangles is a steal. I actually prefer the coral coloured set as I'm totally convinced that coral is the new pink ;)

As a teacher, I'm always on the lookout for fashionable work appropriate clothing. I hate buying pieces that I can't wear to work or pieces that I can't wear out, although I have some of both! This blazer is easy to wear to work, especially when I can't think of anything to wear, I could just chuck this on with a nice pair of jeans and be out the door. I could also easily wear this out as its long enough to wear with a tight pant like my leather leggings!

Which items do you think I should go ahead and add to basket?! Are there any pieces you've been eyeing on ASOS?!

Thank you for reading & Please follow my Blog :D

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