Friday, 15 June 2012

My Beauty Wishlist!

I really enjoyed writing my wishlist and hearing about what items you have been lusting over! I thought it would be fun to share with you some more wishlist items I have on the go at

If you haven't heard of I am truly sorry to your bank account for letting you know about this incredible website. Based in England, ASOS carries hundreds of fashion and beauty brands including their own line. Some great qualities of this website are its free shipping (on any $ amount & to anywhere in the world!), its incredible range of brands to choose from and, how well they picture the items (with video of fashion items that really helps you to see an item and how it moves - sometimes I see a picture, think it doesn't look so good but then I watch the video and change my mind, and visa versa unfortunately!). allows me to access brands that aren't available in Australia and even sometimes get products that are available here but at cheaper prices (this usually happens with the beauty products, while sometimes Australian brands, like Minkpink for example, cost more on

I will mention that it's not all good. I recently purchased two little rings with letters on them (my initials). I thought they looked alright on the website, but when they arrived, one was already broken! It was pretty cheap quality and was for sure not worth the money I spent on them. The positive of this is that has an amazing returns policy and if you are unhappy you just have to send the item back with the included postage paid label and you'll be re-embursed! 

I spend hours on the sight just browsing the many many beautiful things they have from cheap and cheerful ASOS brand clothing all the way up to designer duds like Sass & Bide and Rag & Bone. Whenever I see something I really like I will save it to a wishlist and mull it over for a while until I decide whether I really want it or not. Because I have a huge list of things I want, I thought I'd split this post into two and just show the beauty products this time and later I'll post my fashion picks!

So here you have my Beauty Wishlist:
(All prices in AUD)
Stila is a great brand and only sold in Australia online. The online prices are higher then the asos prices and they usually don't offer free shipping. So even though you are getting the item from much closer then the UK, you are going to spend more! I love this palette for its brightening colours and that it includes "Kitten", arguably Stila's most famous eye shadow colour. 

I regrettably admit to going to tanning-beds in the past, but can honestly say that I will never again go near one. I was young and uninformed about the dangers involved in exposing my skin to the harmful rays of un-natural and natural tanning. With what I know today, I couldn't possibly do any kind of tanning other then the fake lotion/spray/mousse etc. kind! I have heard about the amazing results of Xen-Tan and would love to have this lotion to make my pale winter skin look lively again!

Bourjois Bronzing Powder $11.89Bourjois is a French cosmetics line that is sold in drugstores like Priceline in Aus, but this particular product isn't available and the products that are available are around $3-5 more here. This bronzer has been given great reviews everywhere and apparently smells like chocolate, bonus! 

JK Jemma Kidd Mannequin Skin Perfector Kit $21.26
I hadn't heard about Jemma Kidd before my obsession with all things beauty related started about 6 months ago. Now I can't stop hearing about the many great products made by this brand. This corrector kit looks really good and at the price, seems like great value. 

I was so excited to hear that Katy Perry started a lashes line and thought that it really suited her. She always seems to have lashes on so in turn must know what she likes. I don't like when celebrities bring out lines of products they probably know nothing about. How amazing are these super dramatic fluffy double lashes?! These are really affordable and not easy to find in Australia. 

I absolutely love Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation and as you can read in my post here. So when I saw this concealer on the website I knew it would easily make it on to my wishlist. I haven't yet seen this product in stores, but can imagine its on its way with the foundation popping up EVERYWHERE. The foundation is about $4 less on ASOS then in your local Target, KMart or Priceline, so I can bet the concealer will be cheaper too!

I wish I could scoop all this up and be anxiously awaiting another package with a weeks time! Alas, I'll have to keep my purse-strings tied as this haul would set me back a fair amount! 

What have you been looking at on! Have you ever used the site & if so, what are your favourite things to buy?!
Thanks for Reading & don't forget to follow my blog for another ASOS fashion wishlist coming soon!

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