Thursday, 5 July 2012

Rave: Lioele BB Cream

As BB Creams are coming out on the market by the dozen, I thought it was about time I did a review on a product that has been around for a while. 
BB is said to stand for "Blemish Balm or Base", apparently it was named this because of an apparent copyright on the word Blemish! BB Creams have been extremely popular in Asia for many years. Being an all-in-one product used as a moisturiser, primer, foundation and sunblock, these products are so great if you are looking for an easy fresh look. Having lived in South Korea for a year, I know only too well that sun protection is VERY important to the average Korean. You rarely find people in the sun even while at the beach. Everything from long sleeves, hats and even umbrellas are used on the street to keep your skin out of the sun. In turn, many make-up and skin care products are geared to maintaining white skin. After a wonderful vacation to the Philippines, I returned to my office in Korea with what I thought was a great tan! In Canada I would have been greeted by jealous comments. In Korea I had my co-teachers say with distaste "ohhh Laura, Burned face". They didn't agree with the non-red bronzed colour on my face! 
This makes it obvious that a high sunblock that also gives flawless coverage is something quite important to the vast majority of Korean women (and men!). Lioele is a huge South Korean cosmetics company that makes these BB Creams and does a great job at doing so! These two products are both great, although I do have my preference. 
The first is called Beyond The Solution BB Cream. It has more coverage, but is not as moisturising. I wasn't as excited by this product so opted for the smaller 30ml bottle. The down side to this was that it doesn't have sunblock in it. The Triple Beyond Solution BB Cream comes with a SPF30 PA++

The second product is Lioele's Water Drop BB Cream which I got in the 50ml. This product has a lighter coverage but is really moisturising. It has a sunblock of SPF27 PA++ and I always feel good knowing I have the extra protection on. If you are looking for more coverage you can always add another product and use this as a base!

I basically apply this like a moisturiser. I use my fingers (after I clean my hands of course) and really REALLY rub this into my skin and keep rubbing until I basically can't see the cream anymore. The product essentially gives you coverage while allowing your own skin colour to shine through. It is suitable for light to Medium skin tones and I would say its better if you are on the more light side. I have quite fair skin in the winter, but worry come summer time that this might not work for me. As it allows your natural colour to shine through it is a pretty good match for a wide spectrum of people.

I really love both of these BB Creams and think that having been around so long with a huge following in South Korea (where BB Creams make up 13% of cosmetics purchases) they are among the best on the market. You can easily pick these up from which offers other products other then BB Creams but has cheap and really quick delivery within Australia. 

Have you tired any BB Creams or Lioele?! 
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  1. I have been thinking of trying one of the Lioele BB creams for awhile! Usually I Use Missha perfect cover bb cream I love that stuff.
    Have you used the Triple the solution before?

    1. I haven't tried the Triple the solution but would for sure purchase that next. I like the coverage of the Beyond the solution but one of the benefits of using a BB Cream is the high SPF & without it it kinda defeats the purpose. I should look into the Missha BB Cream, is it easy to get in Australia?!