Friday, 6 July 2012

Review: This Works Clean Skin 5-in-1 Cleansing Water

I picked up this cleansing water/makeup remover from asos almost two months ago and thought it was about time I mentioned it in a post! This Works is a really awesome brand that I first saw at David Jones in Sydney where they have a great selection. I think it has such a catchy name so I took a look basically just because it sounded funny! After a closer look I saw that this brand had some pretty great stuff. I didn't end up getting anything as the prices were pretty high and I like to read a bit about skincare before buying. When I saw Fleur from FleurDeForce on youtube raving about this product, I thought it would be a good place to start with this very interesting brand.
The Clean Skin 5-in1 Water is a makeup removal water much like the very popular Bioderma Crealine H20. 

This Works says:
Clean Skin 5-in-1 water cleanser by This Works. Featuring a gentle formula enriched with rosewater, wild water mint and botanical waters, the cleanser helps to remove make-up, decongest and brighten the skin, encouraging a more radiant complexion.
I agree that this cleanser certainly removes makeup really well and I also think it does help to brighten the skin. As far as decongesting, I don't think it helps with acne, although properly removing all the makeup, dirt and oils from your skin will contribute to cleaner skin.
I do find that this product does cause a bit of stinging when used on my eyes. I have super sensitive and reactive skin, so this might not be something that you will experience. I can handle the stinging a bit though as it really effectively removes my pesky waterproof mascara and eyeliner.
I like to use this water with a cotton pad and was using regular round cotton pads but found that it took forever to wipe them over my face and I was using near 5 every time I used this product. After having a bit of a longer look at the cotton pad section of Priceline, I found these oval cottton pads that are much larger and perfect to use with this product. I only use two oval cotton pads with one or two squirts of the water on each.
I love this stuff and although its on the pricey side, I love that feeling of being confident that all my makeup is off my skin, even in the hard to get to places! It smells lovely and is a great product overall. I picked mine up from as its a bit cheaper then what they ask you to pay in Australia (along with everything else here!).

Have you used this Cleansing Water or any other This Works products?! I would love to hear what other great products they have!
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  1. I saw this in Mecca last week and was so tempted to buy this. But I already have a cleansing oil I should use up first. Great review! :)

    1. I am so sad mine is almost gone as it is a tad pricey, BUT its lovely and really refreshing. I'm tempted to save this for the warmer months! Thanks so much for reading :)