Friday, 13 July 2012

NOTD: Marbled Tri-Coloured Look

Here's what you need:
- Three Colours that you like (that go together)
- A Clear Top Coat
-A white base coat
- Glad Wrap
- Nail Polish Remover
- a cotton pad or q-tip

Step One: Prepare your nails and cover them with a white base coat.
Step Two: Loosen all the caps of the three colours you chose to use. 
Step Three: Drop the three colours randomly onto your nail in "blobs".
Step Four: Cover your nail with the glad wrap & press down on your nail.
Step Five: Remove the glad wrap & wait about one minute.
Step Six: Apply the clear top coat & it will mix the colours a bit more. 

It does make a bit of a mess but its SO easy to do!
Give it a try & let me know how you go!

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