Monday, 9 July 2012

It's What's On The Inside That Counts!

Lately my skin has been in quite a state. I am really not sure what the culprit was but my chin has exploded with blemishes and I've been working hard to rid myself of everything that has come up in the last two weeks. 
I have been using a lot of products since that cater to very sensitive skin as everything else I usually use is so irritating! (More on the new products later). With lots of topical and external treatments doing little to help my skin I have reverted to a more natural remedy. Sometimes when your skin is acting out, it's what's on the inside that counts! In other words, I think my skin is making a cry for help that something is out of balance in my diet. So I have decided to sort out some things that I might be taking for granted.
I did a bit of research on natural ways of dealing with acne and many of the sources said that nutrition and more specifically a lack of specific vitamins. I decided to start taking some basic vitamins to hopefully help with whatever is happening to my face!

The first vitamin I choose was a Mega B. Now I suffer from a sensitivity to acid which causes me to get cankers. If I am not careful I can get to a point where I can't consume any kind of acidity. What usually helps is when I take a whole lot of dairy throughout the day to get rid of my cankers and on top of that vitamin B. It helps to keep my sensitivity to acid away as well! When I take vitamin B regularly, I rarely have any issues with cankers. I haven't been taking my vitamin B so I thought this was my opportunity to try and take it consistently again. Another thing that vitamin B is good for is your skin! It can help to flush out toxins and also help to reduce stress, another huge cause of acne. 

Next I choose Fish Oil. My sister and dad take fish oil tablets all the time and I always knew they were beneficial for various help concerns but never associated them with helping acne. Acne can be the result of your glands producing too much oil. Omega 3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory and therefore help to reduce redness and regulate your hormones and reduce stress. It also helps with joints and to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.

I also picked up a Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamin. I am mostly looking for this to help with my skin, but the inclusion of hair and nails is not a problem for me :) Although this includes a lot of what's found in the Mega B, I picked up this vitamin as it includes a lot of different vitamins that are beneficial too. It's highest ingredient is vitamin A which can lower the production of sebum (the oily bacteria in blemishes). 

So those are the three vitamins that I am trying, but I only started 3 days ago so this certainly isn't a post to tell you how they are working. I am always searching for ways to live a healthier lifestyle. I get lazy and forgetful when I start to improve, so I just need the motivation. Right now my motivation is to better my skin and I just have to cross my fingers that my skin improves and that when it does I don't give up on my vitamin taking! 

Lastly, I have started drinking a lot more water! I know that it helps in my overall health and also my skin's appearance, so I am actively trying to drink more!

Do you have acne problems too? What do you do to combat your blemishes? Do you take any vitamins? Please let me know what you do!

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