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Lust Have It! July 2012

I really should not make excuses for my recent absence, but if I could mention one, I'd say teaching makes me tired! But I won't continue to explain why I haven't posted in a while but rather will just apologise and try hard to make sure it doesn't happen again :D

So now on to the latest Lust Have It! 

This month marked the second month since the merger of Lust Have It! with the Glossy Box clientele and therefore the delivery of varied packs. I have taken a look at some of the different products that other ladies have received and I've got to say that I am pretty pleased with what came to my door a few short weeks ago. 

I know there has been a bit of complaining about the timing of postage and that some people aren't happy with the products they are receiving compared to others. I basically think there is a lot of wasted energy in complaining about these things. Not knowing when your pack will arrive, in my eyes means its more exciting when it does come to your door. Wishing you got what someone else got, is really something most people will face their whole lives, better to get used to that feeling ladies! Life's hard and sometimes unfair, enjoy what you do have and maybe stop stressing about what beauty products you received. (See how silly that sounds!). Alrighty, rant over, now on to what products I got :)

Baby Foot Full size pack RRP $29.99
The product says that it is “Designed to remove the dead skin cells which are unsightly and can contribute to problems associated with the sole of the foot. Baby Foot provides you with the product to care and maintain your feet at home”. Essentially, these are socks that have product in them, you put them on for two hours and then the next few weeks you should see your cracked skin start to peel away. I an anxious to try these but they do seem … original?

Matrix Deep Soothing Shampoo 500ml RRP $29.00
Matrix Deep Soothing Conditioner 250ml RRP $29.00
Matrix is a high end line of hair care and personally I love to have sample sizes of quality shampoo and conditioner. They are great to travel with and a welcome sight next to the crappy products usually found in hotels.

Mirenesse Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine 4.5g RRP $39.99
I love seeing a nice lip-gloss sample. This one’s packaging is quite swish and classy. I love the colour and am happy with the consistency. I haven’t had it long enough to say much more then that about it. It is nice to see some make-up in these packs, although I’d like something other then a product for the lips. I’d be excited to see some more make-up next month :)

Avene Gentle Eye Make-up Remover 125ml RRP $22.95
I love Avene products and have, over the past few months, tried a fair few of their products and loved some and liked others. They are quite expensive, but I am keen to try more from the brand. I am happy I got this and hope it’s as nice as some of the other products I’ve tried.

Avene Ystheal+ Cream Anti Ageing 30 ml RRP $49.95
This little sample isn’t that much smaller then the full size. At 50 bucks for the full size, I hope I don’t like this cream. I think this brand is great but a tad over priced. That being said, I like that they have this Ystheal+ line as it is targeted for younger skin and preventing ageing. I totally agree with this thinking and am curious to see any results with this sample size.

Were you happy with July's Lust Have It! Pack?! 
If you are interested in learning more about Lust have it, you can check out my first post here or visit there website here
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