Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Body Shop & Tea Tree Line

I thought I'd share with my readers a product line that I've been using a while. I tend to talk about new products I've found and feel like I leave out some of the products that I've used for so long that I forget that you might not know about their greatness. For someone who is constantly trying and excited to try new products, something that still holds my attention must be good!
I love The Body Shop for many many reasons. The are completely cruelty free and were that way, way before it became trendy. They strive to have as much fair trade as possible, starting their own fair trade program, "Community Trade", over TWENTY years ago. They believe in being completely transparent in all that they do, as well as promoting this philosophy with the great corporate community. And if you aren't yet convinced that this company is all round awesome they also have their own charity "The Body Shop Foundation" launched in 1990 and focusing on the assistance of those working in areas of human and civil rights, environmental and animal protection. Seriously a company after my own heart! 
(animal love evidence below)

I have used tones of various The Body Shop products! Not only are they all of which I mentioned above, they also make quality products that are often far superior then their competition that cannot come close to The Body Shop's reputation as a respectable company. Some of my all time favourites are their Body Butter's of which I always (always) have at least one on the go (although its winter right now and I have 5 on the go!). But for today's post I want to give an honourable mention to their Tea Tree line.

This line has everything you'd need for your blemish prone skin. Washes, Cleansers, Toners, Exfoliators, Wipes, Blotting Paper and Concealer, etc. and of course Tea Tree Oil. I love the use of this natural oil to clear up skin. I find this line really hydrating too! Tea Tree Oil on its own can be drying but the Face Mask and Exfoliator are really hydrating, cooling and effective. I have an issue with a lot of lines for blemished skin is they are striping and drying (ahem proavtiv ahem), which in turn promotes the natural oil in your skin to overact and create even MORE oil- the last thing you want when suffering from breakouts!

I've used many products from this line over the years and find it always seems to calm my skin down. It really means something to me to use a brand that is doing whatever it can for its community, the greater world and animals. I can feel good using their products in an industry that can be self absorbed and a luxury. 

Have a look in your nearest Body Shop next time you walk by!
 (by the way, this post is not sponsored and I have no affiliation with The Body Shop whatsoever)

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  1. I love body shop products and your dogs are so freaking cute!! I've been wanting one forever :( I found your blog off LaurenConrad.com's forum! I'm your newest follower and excited to see your upcoming posts
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  2. Hey Courtney! I love all those dogs, but they all technically belong to other family family members, but I claim them as my own! ha! Glad you popped by and that you enjoyed reading! xoxox