Tuesday, 22 January 2013

What I Won! - Elizabeth Arden

I was at Winners the other day! Winner's is the same company as TK Max/Homesense which can be found in the UK and the US. Winners was bought out by TK Max and because it was already a trusted name round these parts, they didn't change the name! 
If you aren't aware of these companies, please go find them! It is essentially an overstock store. Everything can be found at around 40% less than it is usually priced at regular stores. They have everything apart from perishables and lots of name brand products. ( I mean seriously everything - I also got my Dog a coat while I was there!)
So I always take a look at the beauty section, there are amazing deals to be found! I stumbled upon these Elizabeth Arden products and knew I had to pick them up. The Perpetual Moisture is now discontinued, buy still well within its use by date. I have wanted a nice thick night cream and this is really luxurious and non-irritating. The Eight Hour Cream is..well really do I even have to say?! It is Elizabeth Arden's most well known and likely most popular product. An all purpose balm that is amazing on the lips, cuticles and really anywhere else you are in need of some serious hydration during these bitter winter months. AND when I say bitter I mean it, Its so so cold here in Canada. The middle of the day today read -15 and that's not even mentioning a wind chill factor of -27, I can't handle it. Lets just say I really hope, where ever you might be, that you are warmer than me right now!
So all in all I highly suggest that you make sure to check out your closest Winners (Homesense/ TK Max) because you might just find some winners (hehe) for a fraction of the price!
(I also like to say that "I Won" things when I get them from Winners, life's simple pleasures HAHA)

Happy Shopping & Stay Warm!!!
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