Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Wet N' Wild Comfort Zone

At only $4.99 I was seriously worried that everything I've read about this palette was a lie. I used to have a lot of Wet N' Wild when I was younger and I haven't thought much about the brand as I've grown up and started paying more attention to make-up. 
I don't know if they have just picked up their game, or maybe they've always had great quality and I was too young and unexperienced to notice? Regardless, this is an awesome product! 
I love these colours and have used this palette non-stop since I picked it up. They are really pretty colours that go lovely together and on their own. They aren't chalky, don't crease and are highly pigmented - really what else could you want?!
Here are what they look like on my arm: 
There really isn't a colour I don't like, although the red-ish blue colour I haven't used, but I think its really interesting. The darkest brown colour I really like to use close to the lash line as a liner and the pinky "eyelid" colour is so beautiful and subtle, I've used it the most.
I would certainly have a second look at the Wet N' Wild eye shadows next time you walk by and would feel comfortable highly recommending this "Comfort Zone" Palette (Im so funny and Punny). 

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