Thursday, 24 May 2012

Let's Get Organised!

Having not lived in the same place for longer then a year for the past four years (!) organisation is something that has always been a problem for me. Jewellery is one of those things that can be such a challenge when travelling and arriving at a new home. I am a out-of-sight-out-of-mind person when it comes to jewellery. I was using a stand up wire holder that looked like a mannequin hub to hold all of my necklaces & hanging earrings. My rings and stud earrings were just popped in a cute little heart shaped jar with a lid (given to me by my oldest friend Blayr!). Both the holder and jar are so cute, but were not working in the way I was using them.

Here's a picture of the stand in the way that I am using it now (on my desk with a mirror on it), so that you can get a better idea of what it looks like. It's adorable, but just not practical to stack a load of necklaces.

So I was online searching for a solution that would sort out my issue while here in Australia, but also help me stay organised when I move and be something that I can travel with! I saw this solution online and found a similar option in Aldi! I love Aldi and once again they pull through with a great dupe to other companies that offer similar options for much higher prices. It only cost me around $5.99 and I think its perfect!

It is double sided and the slots are clear and large enough to easily hold a bracelet and anything smaller and there are larger pockets at the bottom to hold bigger necklaces.

I didn't use a lot of method when putting everything into the little pockets but tried to put rings at the top, followed by earrings, bracelets and finally necklaces. I also have lots of more room to add more pieces to my collection!

Aldi doesn't regularly stock product and every store stocks different things, but I found a similar item on ebay here:  - its more expensive so if you are looking for the same as Aldi have a look around and see if you can get it there!!

Do you use a similar organiser? What is your jewellery organisation like?!

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