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Lust Have It! May 2012

I very recently subscribed to a monthly service called “Lust Have It!”. If you are unaware of this company, or similar services, I will give you a quick run down on how they work.

Lust Have It! is one of several subscription services that offers to their customers a box sent to their down monthly that includes 5-6 luxury beauty, skincare and haircare products. Lust Have It! costs $14.95 monthly (Almost all the other companies have the same price and this includes shipping). These boxes give their purchasers the opportunity to try products that they might not usually have tried as well as luxury products that may be expensive. I know that price is something that often deters me from buying or trying products. Having the chance to try an expensive product and decide if it is something I like before investing in something is such a great option.
After a bit of research into what company I wanted to purchase a subscription from (Bella Box, GlossyBox, JolliBox, and I Love This Box were some of the other options) I found that Lust Have It! was the company for me  because I was really attracted to the brands that they work with. If you are looking to subscribe to a similar service, I’d suggest finding out which brands each service works with and choose the one that you think you’d like the most!
Check out Lust Have It!’s website for all the brands that they work with here:

Now on to this month’s box, my first Lust Have It! experience!
So after so research in April I was aware that there were some issues with shipping. But, after speaking with the owner of the company, Nicci, I was satisfied that I wouldn’t be disappointed with choosing Lust Have It! I was so happy to receive my Lust Have It! box SO quickly!

Inside the Aus Post box was a beautiful bright pink case with the Lust Have It! logo on it. This was great to see and such a nice extra to receive, a huge plus for choosing Lust Have It! over other similar companies.

Opening the case, I looked first for a welcome card, that I knew from various reviews, came inside. This welcome card included a nice update and message from the owner, Nicci, on one side. On the other side was a description of each item in the case, what it was and how much it cost for a full size of the product.

This month, because of some shipping problems from April, more items were included! Bonus! Also included was a Mother’s Day card, which I thought was a very sweet extra!

Now on to the products!!

ModelCo Shine Ultra Lip gloss in Strip Tease: I got this in a full size which is great value! This is a really pretty light pink with a little glitter in it. It is a little sticky, but not like a lot of glosses out there (I’m looking at you Mac Lip Gloss, you are so so sticky!) and it is also is moisturizing. This is a great mix of both and I really like it’s sheer colour! It’s a winner!  

Evo The Therapist Calming Shampoo and Conditoner: Evo is an all natural company so they don’t use a lot of the harsh chemicals you find in other hair and skin products.  These samples are 50ml and I think that is a really great size considering the full size is 300ml. I love having sample sizes as they are so perfect to travel with and they are quality, not like the crap you get in hotels! I really look forward to trying these guys out!

Bioderma Crealine H20 Makeup Remover: Bioderma is a French very high-end skin care company and make-up remover is something I use usually when I am wearing a waterproof mascara or eyeliner. This is a really good size, especially as I don’t use it very often. I am really hopeful that this will be a great product and look forward to giving it a go!

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Perfume: This is a really sweet smelling perfume. It smells like peaches with a kind of floral quality to it as well. I don’t buy purfumes that often, and stick to a few that I really love. This is a little sample size and I love having these little samples for my bag when I am out and feel I need a little something.

Lush – Dirty Soap: I have never tried any Lush product and was so excited to see this in the little case. If you aren’t aware of this company, Lush uses all natural ingredients. I watched a video on their website (, it is quite long but really shows you how passionate this company is about quality and natural products. This soap smells so great and I can’t wait to try it and see how I like it!

Caron Labortories Bump eRaiser Medi Paste: This was another full size product which I think is such incredible value. This particular lotion had a little tag on it showing that it had own a “best in Beauty” prize. I think this will be something worth trying. My boyfriend, and a lot of other men, often gets some irritation on his neck after shaving and so I will give this to him to try out!

Nicole by OPI Ultimate trend setter’s lacquer: This little mini nail polish looks so good! It’s a really pretty purple colour and with it being a sister company of OPI and can only assume that this will be a really great polish! It is quite small but I rarely use all  the nail polish in the large bottles anyway!
In summary I am really happy about this month’s Lust Have It! and I look forward to what they will come up with next month! I did a video opening of this product and will follow up with a review video on how I liked each product at the end of the month so please have a look and subscribe to my youtube channel so you won’t miss out on my review!

Thanks for reading! And please leave a comment and tell me if you also get Lust Have It! and what differences you have in your cases? Did you like your May case?!


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