Friday, 25 May 2012

NOTD with Rimmel Fruities & Impress Nails!

I absolutely love Impress Nails and have used them twice now. I was so impressed (see what I did there) with how natural and professional they looked while being so so easy to use. I also really love the Rimmel London Fruities nail polish, as it goes on easily in two coats, has a really nice shiny finish and dries quickly too, and that's not even mentioning the fact that it smells like strawberry!!

 Another plus of the Impress Nails product is that they give you 24pcs in one pack. They say this is to allow you to find the right size for your fingers. I find that the majority of the sizes are good for my nails with some being good for one nail more then once. So I used the product initially and it lasted about a week before getting a little raggedy along with me changing a few of the nails out during the week. BUT I am still left with a few extras and wanted to use them! I choose to just use the patterned nails this time and will save the plain nails for another time.
I decided to do this design as at the moment my natural nails are quite strong and long. That allows me to use both the fake Impress Nails & my natural nails that I painted with my Rimmel London 025 Strawberry Fizz that smells like strawberries (well actually at first it smells like strawberries with a strong scent of nail polish. I found this out by giving a good sniff to the polish - not something I usually do to nail polish - and finding out the hard way! I suggest you wait a few hours before smelling yours! A day later its just the strawberry smell).

Have you used Impress Nails? What do you do with your extras?!

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  1. I love this combo, it looks fantastic. Statement nails are the best X

    1. Thanks Ingrid! I love them too! Not very teacher friendly (students will take any excuse not to do work) but so fun for the weekend!