Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Beauty Products Mini Haul!

I wanted to go to Priceline (kinda like Shoppers Drugmart in Ontario). Whenever I have a lotaa make-up on I like to first use a facial wipe and then wash my face, I just feel like they take less time to remove the make-up. So I wanted to go there and checked the website to make sure they were open (it was a sunday, and Easter sunday). The website confirmed they were open and I was on my way.
I get there only to find that they have changed their hours, so annoying!! But, all I really wanted was some facial wipes, so I figured I would go into the local grocery store, Woolworths, and check out what options they had there.
I found some things!

Johnsons facial wipes ($6.99). I love these things. They are really soft on my face and can easily go over my eyes without causing any irritation.  

Bio Oil 60ml ($13.29). I have been wanting to try this  for a while. I have heard that its the best product of its kind. I am told it takes about 3 months to see results. I’ll hopefully write another post to show the difference after using it. 

Nail Polish Remover Select Brand ($2.99). I feel that all nail polish is the same, so I just buy the cheapest one!

Maybelline Master Precise Blackest Black Liquid Liner ($13.99). I’ve needed a liquid liner for a while, I think it gives a more polished look for nights out, not sure about the brand, but I’ll see how it is. 

ImPress 24pk Nail kit ($14.99). I saw a review of these online and saw them in the store and thought I’d try them. They work a Treat! Easy to use and the result is great! I just got the french simple one - pictured on the right - but there were lots of other really cute options (all in Wollies!). They come with 24 nails in different sizes, so you can choose which are the right size for each of your nails. They were so easy and pretty cheap considering I think they look as good as going to get acrylic nails at the salon, in my opinion. Next time, and I’ll for sure use these again, I’m going to get one of the more exciting coloured options. (ALSO - they come in a very cute container, as pictured, and I’ve popped that into my bag so if I have a broken one when I’m out, I can just pop a new one on!)

You can learn more here:

So in finding that Priceline was closed, I retaliated and spent lots of money at Woolies! I showed that Priceline!! (Maybe not really, but only because they are now blissfully unaware!).

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