Friday, 27 April 2012

Design Moments!

If you haven't previously heard in other posts I've made, I am Canadian but am living in Australia for a while. I am a teacher, and studied to become one here in Australia. That's when I met my very handsome boyfriend Daniel. He's Australian and we decided to stay together despite living in different countries. This has meant that over the past, almost, 3 years we've lived in Australia, Canada and taught in South Korea for a year too.

This year I am here in Australia and living with his wonderful Mother Di! She is a multi talented women who is completely selfless and constantly working, more then just 5 days a week, to care for her children and try and give them a comfortable and happy home. I would say she more then succeeds with this!

On top of all the wonderful things she does, she also has an eye for design. Some days I will walk by an area in the house and just think that the way she puts the house together should be in a magazine!

So this post is to give you a little peek into the house I am living in this year and hopefully give you some inspiration of how to make your own home beautiful!  

This is in the hall when you walk in the door.

This is beside the TV in the lounge room.

This is in the kitchen, in between two big leather couches. 

This is on the kitchen counter. 

I love Di's style! Let me know if you like it too!

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