Wednesday, 18 April 2012

My Favourite Things!!

So I thought it would be really fun if I shared with you some of my favourite things. These are products and items that I use all the time and that I really love. I didn’t choose everything but these are a few notable items that I just love. 
The first is my leather Jacket. Its brand is Minkpink. It is an Australian brand that is mostly incredibly affordable and has interesting and trendy clothing, if you don't know Minkpink, I would highly suggest checking it out (that said, I saw it on ASOS and its heaps more expensive, Australian prices for this line are MUCH cheaper). I found this jacket at a surf shop that my boyfriends little sister works at. I went there when my beautiful friend Veronica (miss you Vee!) was visiting me from Canada. I saw this Jacket and put it on and was so excited at how perfect it was. The price was actually not bad for a leather jacket, but I was very poor at the time and immediately wrote it off as too extravagant a purchase (was I think around $250). Veronica convinced me to get it basically by telling me that if I didn’t get it, she would. Am boy am I glad she said that as I love this Jacket, wear it all the time and have never regretted buying it!

My Name Necklace. My boyfriend gave this to my as a gift for my birthday (champagne birthday! 24 on the 24th). We were living and Teaching in South Korea at the time, so he had my name transliterated into Korean and sent to a jeweller in Australia (I think he did this because he wanted to be sure that he got exactly what he wanted and sometimes, even with a Korean that has excellent english or with a person who can translate for you, you just have some miscommunications!). I wear it all the time, get heaps of compliments, but most importantly, I just love it and think it was one of the most thoughtful gifts! 

Next, My Coach Purse. This brown tote is so classic and goes with so much as it has a nice dark brown colour and therefore goes well with both black and brown. I was given this bag as a gift and love it so much. I’ve had it now for at least 4 years and still love it as much as when I got it. I think it retailed for near $500.  It is big enough to easily hold A4 paper and my computer, so its super handy. It holds a lot but isn't very thick, so it doesn't look like I am bringing out a massive bag, when sometimes I wouldn't want one...if that makes sense.

Continuing with the theme here, my Coach gum boots! I got these while in South Korea because when it rained in Korea, it really rained! I got them online and they cost about $140 plus postage. I know that’s a little much for gum boots, but wellingtons cost over a $100 so I justified the purchase with that in mind. Plus, they are so cute and I always have someone mention how they like them when I wear them! Another reason I would suggest them is, when it rains, I am not all that upset as it gives me an opportunity to wear these beauties!

My Wilfrid Sweater (from Aritzia)I wanted this for a long time and when I got it I was not disappointed. This is the most comfortable sweater while still being really stylish and nice. I am all for wearing daggy clothing around the house, but this sweater is so easy to through on and nice enough to wear out too. You can wear it upside down as well and it wears more like a shrug then a long sweater. It retailed for just about $100 dollars.

My Lululemon everything! I only pictured two items, but this store is my absolute favourite, a must in this post. I pictured two of my newest items (update: not newest anymore, just got some newies last week that you can see on my youtube video under - Laura1224Jane). I own about 5 pairs of lulu pants, two tanks, two sports bars, two pairs of socks, 3 hair bands, 2 scuba sweaters and a t-shirt. I think thats it but It is still not enough. This is the most comfortable athletic wear. It is really flattering in its fit and most importantly, it uses fabrics that are perfect for yoga, its purpose essentially. I love this stuff. I pictured my newest scuba sweater in the special edition with silver speckles throughout. The other picture is of my new grey t-shirt. It has a lot of really nice details and is extremely thin and so comfortable. If you look closely, it even has inspirational writing on the bottom seem! Love this stuff!

My Alexander Wang Rocco Mini Duffle Bag. This is a bag I wanted for years, but couldn’t really afford it. It retails for around $900 and I got it for LOTS less on ebay! I love love love it. I think for a high end bag its not as expensive as a lot of designer bags (even new that it) and it is really great quality. Because of the studs at the bottom it is really wearable and has an edge to it that I really like. It is extremely soft and has a slouchy quality to it. It is also HUGH, you can literally fill this thing up with so much, which does make it a tad heavy. It is a bit heavy already re: the studs, would say that's a negative. Mind you the newer version comes with a strap, and that kind of eliminates the heavy bag problem!

My Vans checkered shoes.  These shoes might look pretty daggy here, and these are even my second set. I love them and wear them so much that I just ended up buying a new pair when my old ones wore out. I love these shoes because they just get better and more comfortable as they get worn in. I slip these babies on whenever I have a more casual outfit on. They are wicked. They retail for around $70, i think, I can’t remember. 

My Macbook. My computer is like my little friend. I use it everyday and have rarely had any problems with it. I upgraded it in the first year that I got it, which cost me about $500 and I recently had to buy a new battery charger for $90. Over the now 4 years that I’ve had this guy, that’s pretty good! (Update: Found out that you can't actually buy these babies new anymore, its a sad day...)

My favorite haircare product is Moroccan Oil. I have two products by this brand and swear by this stuff. The Moroccan Oil Treatment Original is amazing. It smells so good and keeps my hair so conditioned. I have naturally curly hair, so when I use this oil with towel dried hair, my curls are so much nicer and less frizzy.I have been using this hair treatment for about 4 years now and I have continued to re-purchase it over and over. It has an amazing smell that lingers nicely in your hair. It helps to keep frizz at bay, helps your hair to dry quicker (allowing you to blow dry your hair quicker and use less heat!), and it lasts SO LONG (and I have very long very thick hair!) This oil has done wonders for my hair! After continually using this I looked into other products within their haircare line and tried the Intense Hydrating Mask, and I dare say I might like it even more! The mask doesn't last me as long as the oil does and I think its a little expensive, but personally, I like to invest in my hair and it has loved me for it!  It has been so good! I got it about 6 months ago and still have quite a bit left. I use it as a mask at least once a week. With wet hair I leave it in for at least 15 min (usually more like 45 min, cause why not?) and it makes my hair feel like its just been cut, so conditioned and great. I even use some in a spray bottle with one part mask and two parts water and spray it in to use as a leave in conditioner. Before using Moroccan Oil products I would try and grow out my hair and get frustrated at how dry and unruly it became as it got longer, I would end up cutting it all off! I don't need to do cut my hair all off to keep it looking great anymore! A must buy!

So there you have it, a fair few of my favourite things! I hope you enjoyed and hopefully I was able to describe just a little of why I love these things! 
Are any of these things your favourites?! 

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