Thursday, 19 April 2012

Make-Up Products Review

I have a real mish mash of make-up lately. I am not very picky about brands and am happy to try new products out all the time. So while looking into my bowl (currently using a bowl, it looks prettier on my dresser than a bag) of make up, I found a couple items that I thought would be helpful to review!

Smashbox High Definition Foundation: (RRP $38.00 USD/30 ml)
(With a quick search I found this website for Australia that you can buy their products from I have never used the site, so I can't suggest it from experience!) (The offical site is they don't ship outside the States but have a lot more information then other sites)
So from the look of the picture you can see that I like this stuff! It has I would say, medium coverage. I love a foundation with an SPF and this has SPF 15. It is also oil free, perfect for my skin. It is light to put on and nice and creamy. I use a foundation brush and find this product easy to blend and a little goes a long way. When buying the item I went right to the cosmetics lady in Shoppers Drugmart. If you live in Ontario, I highly suggest using these experts for help! I always ask them a litany of questions (I wonder if they hate me?!) and they are mostly very knowledgeable, helpful and nice! This time was no exception and I found this product easily!
The clerk boasted that this product reflected (not sure if that's right) light, perfect for wearing when you are getting your picture taken. I have found her to be correct! When I am wearing this foundation during a night when I know there will be pictures taken, I find that I have a really nice complexion. Sometimes when I have my picture taken with a bright flash in a dark place, I worry about having a shiny face in the picture, not with this stuff!
So in summary, I think its a great product, would get it again if it were easy to find in Australia! North Americans should enjoy it!

SheerCover Duo Concealer: ($29.99 AUD/0.10 oz)
As you can see, I got this product awhile ago and while I had the colour that suited me (the half that is gone), I really liked it. I do feel I have more negative things to say about this concealer, and about SheerCover, but I will start with the positives.
This concealer has great coverage, which is why I wanted it in the first place. It is a mineral make-up so it didn't make me break out when using it. It works really nicely with the mineral powder (that it comes with in the pack). It is creamy and quite thick, but not clumpy or sticky. Half of the product was a great colour for me and I used it a lot!
That being said, and I will try not to rant, the second half of this product was way too dark for a concealer, for my skin tone even when I am tanned. So it is weird I think that half of their duo should be a great colour for me and the other, way too dark. So I've come to the conclusion that this is because their colour range is too small, so the second colour in the duo is too far different from the first.
This brings me to my next issue with this product. Usually when buying a foundation or concealer, etc. online, I go to the shop where its sold and check out how the colour matches me before buying. I like to buy online because I usually can get a deal, otherwise I'll just get it in store. SheerCover is an online product only. It is part of the Guthy Renker line of products. You will have heard of this company if you know Proavtiv, their most popular item.  My qualm with this company is that you have to do everything online, are asked to sign up and receive the product every 3 months and although they give you a ton of options to return for free , if you are anything like me, you don't return the item if you aren't pleased.
All said and done, I wish that this product was just sold normally in stores. I think they would do a lot better if they increased their range of colours and if you were able to try out their colour range easily in person. I also hate being pressured to buy again when maybe I am not done what I have yet!? For all these reasons, I won't be buying for SheerCover again, as much as I liked HALF of their product! (maybe I just had a bit of a rant there, sorray!)

Maybelline New York Master Precise Liquid Liner: (RRP $10.95 AUD)
I had made a mental note that I wanted to pick up a liquid liner and so when I saw this in Woolworths I thought that for the price, it was worth giving it a try.
I have not been disappointed with this product. It is really easy to glide on. It gives a nice precise (pun intended) line and really, with liquid liner, that is whole point!
I am not always sold on Maybelline products as they are pretty low end and a lot of the time its worth it to just buy something higher end and put your money toward something that works. This liquid liner, in my opinion, works just as well as some of the high end products. It is also really easy to use. It's pen design makes it easy to dram on verses other liners that your have to use a wand. I'd pick this up if you are in the market for a liner!

Maybelline New York Dream Matte Mousse: (RRP $ 21.95/18g)
After having some great results with my liquid liner, while walking by the Maybelline section in Priceline, I thought I'd take a second look. I saw this product and thought that it would be nice a a lighter option for days when my skin isn't so bad and I don't feel like slopping on the foundation.
I go back and forth on this product. I put it on again today to try and give it another try and see what I think.
It is for sure a lighter option, with only a light coverage I'd say. It's texture can be described as weird! It's not like anything else I've used. It is kind of fluffy, and velvety to put on but looks more like a powder once it is on. My issue with it is that it moves in to the tiny little crevices on your skin and almost makes them more visible? It does feel nice to use, but I am just not happy with the coverage or effect that it gives. Lastly, I think the price is too high for a low end make-up line and honestly would have rather put my 21.95 to a product twice the price and better!

Lacura Beauty Powder Blush: (RRP $5.99/ 4.5g)
( * Also this site says its $.99! That's crazy, I spent more!
So after some searching on the internet I found that this product line is sold exclusively in Australia at Aldi stores. I saw the sample of this while walking through Aldi and really liked its coral colour, I wanted a new blush and thought why not just give it a go?  I really like it! It has lasting colour, a slight shimmer, and has a beautifully soft velvety finish. They come in a variety of colours and I am happy I just went for it and bought this stuff.  I also was really happy with the look of this product, the packaging is really nice. I will for sure be checking out their other products next time I'm in Aldi as so far I have been happy with both of the items I picked up!
If you are in Aldi and see Lacura Blush, give it a try! It is cheap, and in my experience is great quality!

Here is my make-up from today:
(You can't see the blush very well in this, but it certainly looks bolder in real life!)
The products from the post that I used were:
-Maybelline New York Dream Matte Mousse in Nude
- Lacura Blush in Sunset
- Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eye Liner in Black

Hope these reviews were helpful! Please comment if you have tried these and let me know what you thought or if you are going to try them, let me know how they work for you! :)

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