Friday, 27 April 2012

Random Shopping Haul!

So this post is a random shopping haul of things that I have gotten over the last week. I got a lot of skin care and make up products and just a couple of clothing pieces to show you.

I should have had more clothes come from ASOS but I stupidly sent the order to the wrong country :S As you might know, I am Canadian, but living in Australia at the moment and when purchasing a few things on ASOS I forgot to click on my Australian address instead of the default and so am basically waiting to receive this package from Canada courtesy of my parents. I think the most frustrating part of this is one of the best parts of ASOS is the free shipping, gah! Silly LJ!!!

So let's start with a product I got from Priceline! I picked up this Sukin Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil. I had seen a few reviews online and really like the idea of using essential oils so I thought I'd give this one a go. It was $19.99 for a seemingly small bottle, but you literally use three drops a day. I can't see going through this little guy too quickly. This product is supposed to reduce the oil production on your face over time and evens skin tone, etc. I have liked the feel of the product so far, but can't really comment on its effectiveness as of yet as I have only had it for two days, will keep you updated on how it goes after I've used it for a while.
Next is on the same lines of trying to figure out a new skin regime. I just haven't been too happy with my skin for a while. I have been using a variety of Clinique products over the past few years (and I can't believe I've gone this long without really being happy with the results). I haven't been upset with what the products are doing to my face, but just feel like they aren't really doing anything at all. I went into David Jones today with the intention of finding something new that will hopefully give me some nice results. After pursuing the Kora by Miranda Kerr line (as I have heard good things about her organic skin care) and finding little information, no one to help me with them and pretty high prices, I asked for help and found myself at the Dermalogica counter.
Needless to say, I purchased a starter kit that I am pretty excited about. Not only did I spend a fraction of the cost of the Kora line, I get to try these products out without having to splurge and buy the full product without knowing how my skin is going to react. I have no idea really what the Kora products are like, and I am in no way looking down on them, but it was really nice to be able to talk to and get, what I think is, some pretty sound advice from the Demalogica Clerk. She sold me the Dermalogica Clean Start Kit. I think the name is fitting because this is just what I need, a clean start!

The kit includes smaller sizes of their  Wash Off Cleanser, All Over Clear Mist/Toner, Ready, Set, Scrub! Scrub/Mask, Bedtime for Breakouts P.M. Lotion and Welcome Matte SPF15 A.M. Lotion. It cost $60 for all of this, but these are pretty small bottles, so hopefully its worth the price and lasts a good amount of time.
I really look forward to using these little guys and hope that they work for me! It's been a long time coming since I have bought a new skincare regime and I have been really hoping to find something that works for me! Cross your fingers that this helps me :)

I am feeling lately that after shampooing, my hair still doesn't feel clean. After googling a bit and seeing a few reviews, it seems what I need is a clarifying shampoo. These are shampoos that give your hair a deep clean. You use them about once a fortnight and they get rid of some of the build-up of product that your regular shampoo doesn't get to. I got KMS California Hair Stay Clarify Shampoo. It cost $23, which is most then I usually spend on haircare products, but I won't use it that often, so I think its worth the price. I am really looking forward to giving this product a go and think its just what my hair needs at the moment!
I also slipped into Diva (and forgot to add these purchases onto my haul video! oops!). This shop is an accessories shop and basically carries pretty cheap stuff, but sometimes all you are looking for are some costume jewellery, nothing too fancy, that really adds some pop to your outfit. I wanted some turquoise rings and didn't find any that I really wanted. But, of course, I did find some other things I liked. First was a pair of cute light gold cross earrings, I love these and think I'll get a lot of wear out of them.
Then I saw some clip-on earrings. My mom doesn't have her ears pierced and always has trouble finding new earrings that are clip-ons. So when I saw some I thought it would be nice to send her home a little gifty just cause I love her. Along with the two sets of clip-ons (one set of gold button earrings and one set of turquoise) I found clip-on converting clips. Basically you take a set of dangle earrings meant for pierced ears, take the earring off and attach it to these clips. I know she must have earrings at home that she can't wear so she can convert them now! My mom never buys anything for herself (the opposite of me, I get my shopping gene from my father!), so I really like to send her little gifts! All toll I spent $23 for the 4 things I got, I am not sure home much each was :)
Now on to some clothing! I didn't get much but first went into Sportsgirl and found a simple white tee.  I got a large size so that it hangs loose and long and although not exciting, I just love tops like this, they are so easy to wear and really comfortable! The shirt was $19.99 down from $29.99.
Then I went into Sussan to see if they still had this nice maxi skirt that I had my eye on the last time I was in the store. I didn't buy it the first time around as I thought the price was a bit steep at $79.99. But I have been thinking about it a lot and keep struggling to find things to wear to school. It is the nicest material (stretchy and flowy) and incredibly flattering on. I wanted this skirt because it is so perfect to wear when I am teaching but also is something I'd be happy to wear outside the classroom and I am always looking for pieces like that!

This week I received a package I had ordered on ASOS. I got four different products.

A Rimmel London VolumeFlash Scandal Eyes Mascara. It has a really big brush and adds lots of volume! It was $11.

 An Anatomicals Stop Cracking Up Lip Balm, it is very moisturising and has a sticky look to it like a gloss. The write up on ASOS said that it was Victoria Beckham"s favourite, so that really sold it for me!

A Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lips Coral in Gold Lipstick which cost $8. I love its very orange colour but it doesn't actually last that long on as it is not extremely pigmented. I still like this product because the colour is really pretty.

 Last was an Illamasqua Satin Primer that cost $32. I used this product a few days ago and really loved the effect it had. It made my foundation last a lot longer then it usually does and I was really happy with the results!
So that's the end of my haul for this week. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions at all or just feel like commenting :) Also I did a video on youtube to go along with this post. You can check it out in the link on the right side of this post!


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