Thursday, 19 April 2012

Products Review

So I have been trying a few new products and continuing with some old products and thought I would write a review to tell you what I think. Most of these products I am happy with but I will certainly tell you the positives and negatives that I have found while using them.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion: (Retails for $74.00 AUD/125ml)
So as a back story, I have been using Clinique products for about 2 and a half years. I started with their Anti-Blemish Solutions 3-step system and was really happy with the results. It didn't completely get rid of all my blemishes, but certainly reduced them and at the time I had lots of stress related blemishes and was breaking out prrreeettty badly!
As My family got on to it that I was using Clinique, I was given lots of gifts of different products, toners, lotions, face washes and was left with a a fair amount of products that I could use, but they never really worked as well as the Anti-Blemish stuff did. SO I used the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel for a really long time and like the results so when I was given the lotion, I thought it would be great too.
I don't dislike this product, but I don't feel it works well for me. The great part about Clinique is that they have a nice range of products that suit your particular skin type, I've just been using the wrong stuff for a while!! This lotion would be great for someone with Normal to Dry skin, and that just isn't me.
So in summary, I really like Clinique, I like this product, but I'll be heading out shortly to get the Anti-Blemish solutions again instead of this! (it is a little pricey, but this stuff goes a long way, you only really need two quick squirts to cover your face. My boyfriend uses this after he shaves and loves this stuff as he has very normal non-oily skin - i'm so jealous!)

Visine Clear Eye Drops for Red Eyes: (Retails for $9.95 AUD/15ml)

I used to think the only people that used this stuff were the stoners in high school, but I have been using this product for a very different reason, and not for my eyes!
I heard about the use of Visine to reduce redness on my face (from my little sister) and thought that there would be no harm in trying it out. I sometimes will get a very red blemish and it becomes really hard to try and cover it up so the ability to reduce some of the redness before covering it was very alluring!
This product is very watery, so I usually put a few drops in the general area I'm looking to un-red and rub it in. I wait a few minutes and see a significant reduction in the red pigmentation in the area that I have rubbed.
I would really suggest trying this if you suffer from a similar problem!

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Medicated Gel For Acne: (Retails for $10.59 AUD/25g)
I have used pure Tea Tree on my face before and really loved it but found it a little harsh and drying, even for my oily skin.  I was in Priceline searching for something to treat some blemishes when I came across this and thought it would be a great product to try.
I like using essential oils as they are natural and usually effective! This gel is no exception! It has the same great cooling effect as the oil had, but it is a lot less, can I say oily?!
This products can still be very drying for someone who doesn't have oil skin, so I would be mindful that over use (if you use the product on an effected area and not just the blemish itself) or continued use could cause significant drying.
In summary, I love this stuff, will buy again or look into other products by Thursday Plantation with Tea Tree Oil.

Lacura Face Care Purify Make Up Removal Wipes VS. Johnson's Face Care Daily Essentials Wipes: (Retail for $2.99AUD/30 wipes vs. $6.99/25 wipes)

Without even mentioning the price difference on these two I will take a moment to talk about Johnson's product. I was excited to get these as I ran out of the last wipes I was using and was in need of some make-up removal wipes for days when I am wearing LOTS of make-up. I have basically not liked this product at all. It does its job removing my make-up, but stops at that. I am left with a slight stinging feeling on my face and it has a sticky consistency that makes me need to immediately wash my face with water. The product says it is an oil balancing facial cleansing wipe, I wouldn't use these on my face again :s
Which lead me to pick up these Lacura wipes while at Aldi today (I love Aldi). I basically got them because of the price, $2.99! Bargain! I was pleasantly surprised when using these as well. They smell a lot more mild then the Johnson's wipes. They easily remove my make-up and leave my skin feeling clean and fresh!
SO fellow facial wipe lovers, don't be shy of what Aldi has to offer, these are a great item for a great price! Don't waste your money, shop at Aldi!

So that was just a mini review of just a few items that I have been using. Hope it was helpful and am happy to answer any more questions you may have. Let me know how they work for you!
Good luck!

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